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2nd rut just ramping up here

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by TJSaltdog, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. We got big mature bucks on our land in Tippecanoe and white county chasing Doe's. Almost hit a doe being chased by a buck in fountain county yesterday evening about 6:30pm. Just like every year when everyone says it's an early rut this and that. It happens the same time every year.
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  2. I am in Whitley county and we are noticing lots of new daylight activity on trailcams. Prior to, everything was night time. Went out Saturday. My son and I both saw some does, and a couple small bucks. Relocated my climbing stand and have full energy like I did at the beginning of the season. I think there is a lot more activity now then there was in November.

  3. Well hopefully that translates to my area. Our daytime deer activity has been squat for the past few weekends (including this one).
  4. In most areas of the state, the “second rut” is primarily a fawn rut, and as such would be effected more by the timing of the primary rut the year prior, not the current year.