3-2-1 Dodgeball!!!

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  1. Had a dodgeball tournament last Friday against our Youth group. We basically came prepared and smoked all the little ankle biters! :biggrin:

    Of course I had the ladies standing in line waiting for autographs and photo ops. A few of my corporate sponsors wanted some promotional photos as well.....enjoy! :cwm27: :coco:



    And you can bet on the fact that Mullet will be flowing poolside this summer.
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  2. [​IMG]

    A mullet wingspan.[​IMG]

  3. all hail THE STALLION!!!

    he makes those dodgeballs look tiny...or maybe they are tiny and make him look huge...cause hes not a big guy...i mean 5'7" in heels haha. He'd have to jump and swing up to hit me in the knees hahaha
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention ... nice socks slick ... :lol:
  5. Look closely under his right arm (left as we look at it).
    THE STALLION IS CLEARLY PITTING OUT!! :bloos::bloos::bloos:
    Take the old spice redzone challenge STALLION!!!

  6. 5'-9" bare foot Jonesy...6'-3" in my staletos! :whistle:

    2 hits...me hitting you...you hitting the floor (classic quote) :evilsmile

    And for the record...chicks dig guys that sweat! LOL

    When you're flipping and rolling all over the dodge ball court...a brotha's gotta perspire! :)
  7. Those are some "girl-getter" socks! :bouncy:

    Dodgeball with the youth group??? I thought that we were the only ones that played that with our youth group!:coolgleam
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    Any bloody noses?????
  9. Actually yes...the poor Lad never saw it coming. :evilsmile

    We used the "lob one high ball to create a diversion" while another thrower brought the heat!

    It was like taking candy from babies...

    I'm sure many of the impressionable young ladies were distracted by my chlorine laiden, flowing blonde/green locks as well! :evil:
  10. So, after you threw the girly lob....who did you get to throw the heat?
  11. :lol:

    What he said!

    Set 'em up ... knock 'em down ...
  12. Words can hurt guys....words can hurt.
  13. what are you talking about marsh? you should be asking how much its gonna costs to get his glasses fix and his nose straightened. :evilsmile

  14. Does your parole officer know you took your anklet off to go play dodgeball??
  15. Luckily...he never called.

    I was back home drinking schlitz, eating funyons, watchin' mamma's family before he know better!