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  1. Any Enfield fans on here? Just came into a "Jungle Carbine" No. 5 mk1. Cleaned her up and gonna try it out at our range.
  2. I have a 303 British that my Uncle gave me a few years back. I dont really know much about the gun but have shot it a number of times. It's a fun and fast bolt action to shoot.

  3. What was it they said about the British, American and Russian bolt guns of ww1 - The Springfield was a target shooters gun, the Mauser was a hunting rifle and the Enfield was a battle rifle. Someone please correct me :coco:
  4. Yes you are correct Goggleye,but I do have a australian made enfield that'll shoot 1 1/2" groups,it has a like new bore but thats rare.The jungle enfield insnt as accurate mainly due to the 'cone' at the muzzle and they are yes,made for battle.Thay are hard to find.
  5. I have shot a 303 British several times. A friend of mine had one that was his Dad's. It had the flip up sights on it and talk about "reaching out and touching someone" wonder that thing was a battlefield rifle.
  6. She shoots decent, however I see what the critics mean by the gun having a wandering zero. 2" groups at 100 yards but never really cosistent. Good loads are not cheap either. Might be a salty hobby. Still thinking about sporterizing it. Might just leave it alone.
  7. OH No dont sporterize that one,its a collectable,best to get another at a gun show for that.If it shoots 2" groups thats not bad!