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.357 ... dirt stinking cheap ...

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by DEC, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I ordered a Marlin 1894C in .357 with the PCR thing going through. Before there are any anti-PCR/anti-rifle crap flows, let me just say that I have two little girls that are nuts about hunting, so it is to my advantage to allow them EVERY opportunity to choose what they want to hunt with. Now they can choose between 20 ga., 410, m.l., and PCR, as all are now in my safe. Not sure how it could get much better to promote hunting to a youth.

    OK, that being said, I've been waiting and waiting on the .357. Gander Mountain in Coldwater called and said it had not come in, BUT they just got a slightly used one in and if I wanted it, it was mine. Price tag ... $225!

    So I rushed up there to check it out. Wood has a couple small dings. The butt plate needs adjusting, but the metal is 98%+. The action is smooth as glass and the bore is mirror shinny. It is missing the front sight, which can be replaced cheap. It came with scope mount and a case. If my girls want to hunt with it, I'll scope if for them.

    So, I played a little gift card games plus other discount things I had and walked out of there with the gun, case, AND a box of ammo for just under $130!:biggrin: I don't care what you say, anytime you can walk out of a gun shop with a gun and box of ammo for under $130, that kind of deal ROCKS!:coolgleam


  2. SWEEEEEEET DEAL DEC!!! Nice looking gun.

  3. I know ... I said I bought it for my girls ... but I just might have to test it out on a fat doe.:evil:

    I'm actually excited about shooting the thing. Not much gets me excited when it comes to shooting guns. Heck, that Omega I bought a couple months ago is still sitting in my safe. But this little thing just looks too fun not to shoot.:coolgleam
  4. Let us know how it shoots and how it compares to the 20 guage with respect to recoil, loudness, and accuracy.
  5. DEC, the reason nobody likes you is that you keep going around and grabbing up all the sweet gun deals before the rest of us have a chance to find them.:cheeky-sm

    Congrats on a good deal and a fine looking gun, does look like some fun!
  6. :biggrin:

    If I put 1/2 the effort into my business as I do into all my hunting crap ... I'd be one wealthy guy.:yikes:
  7. How many geese can you shoot with that thing? Oh wait, nevermind....
    :coco: deer hunters....

    Kidding aside, that is a steal for the price. It does look like some fun shooting. Nice buy Derek!
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  8. Isn't there a law that you can't purchase a gun AND ammo at the same time? I swear I have heard that before.........
  9. Haven't we heard this story before?? Derek finds sweet deal on nice gun, derek buys nice gun at great price, derek rubs gun in or faces :(

    Congrats Derek...I can't believe you'd lower yourself to hunting with a better just let me buy it from you. I wouldn't want you compromising your hunting integrity haha.
  11. Jealousy is ugly Mudhole. At least I can hunt with it if I choose to ... how's that 30-30 treating you?;)
  12. I might hunt with it ... I might not. Pretty hard to drag that bow out of my hand long enough to become a low life gun hunter:evilsmile ... BUT I just might have to test it out once.

    Kind of like mopeds and fat chicks. Gun hunting is cool until your buddies see you doing it.:hide:
  13. I'm just here to help and share in my good fortune. I'd never brag Jonesy! You know me better than that ... :lol:
  14. Derek, I'm secure in myself, my old cheap bow, and my sadass poormans 12 gauge mossy...

    I don't need to prop my ego up with new fangled lever guns...:evilsmile