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3D Bow Shoot

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by treehugger, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. For all you bowhunters with cabin fever there is a 3D Bow Shoot - Polar Bear Freeze Out on Saturday, January 28th and Sunday, January 29th at Nancy's Broken Arrow. NBA is located in Quincy, IN in close proximity to Cloverdale, IN. Shoots are held both days from 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Cost is $12 to shoot the course and they usually have 40 3D targets. It takes approximately 2 hours or so to shoot, dependent on the crowd. I went there last January for the first time and it was awesome, we even had snow on the ground for the shoot. If you've never been there you will certainly want to check this place out in 2006. To see a schedule of 3D bow shoots at Nancy's Broken Arrow and other sites around the state check out

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  2. nancy's

    I may try and get over there Saturday the 28th. Leave here around 9:00 get me there and checked in ready to go 10-10:30. I know your coaching but let me know if you can get over there.


    PS: when does the range close to the club open?

  3. I'll have to check my b-ball schedule, all my Saturday games are 9 or 9:45 and only last about 45 minutes. I'll check and let you know. I can be over there in a little less than an hour from the Boys Club in T.H. I'll plan on doing that. My brother and his son will most likely be coming over too.

    The Blandford Sportsman's Club, which I showed you after the tour, holds shoots on about a monthly basis but I'm not sure when their first one is. My bro is going to get a schedule card to me later this week that has many listed on it, hopefully theirs will be on it. If not, I'll try to find out. They have like 20 3D targets and we usually shoot the course twice. It's OK, but nothing close to what Nancy's has to offer.

    Still no TC Omega delivered to Gander...I'm startin' to get a little frustrated with them. :bash:

    I'll be in touch...treehugger
  4. oldrookie...there is nothing listed yet for Blanford Sportsmens Club for 2006. When you open the link I posted last night, click on the state and month, and it will give you everthing statewide for that month. there may be additional sites such as Blanford that get added later.

  5. are there prizes? and if so, what?
  6. When you sign up to shoot there are different categories of shooters...I can't remember what they all right now...I think the best score of each category wins something, it differs at each shoot. Sometimes they give away a 3D target or 2. I've never really worried about, I don't shoot for the prizes just for the fun and practice. Come on out and try it, you'll like it.

  8. bow shoots

    hi all i go to shoots around batesville indiana ,sunman indiana,freindship indiana and dearborn county this is called the big 4 shoots ... the first shoot will be at sunman indiana at the sunman fish and game club on febuary 26th 2006 shoot starts at 7:00 am till 3:00 pm this is a 30 target for $8.00 i will post some of the dates for these shoots .. hope to see you all there ...
  9. bow shoots

    here are the dates for the big 4 3d shoot sunman indiana ,febuary 26 2006. batesville indiana ,march 5th 2006...north dearborn county indiana march 12th 2006..friendship indiana, march 19th 2006..sunman indiana ,march 26th 2006..batesville indiana april 2nd 2006.north dearborn indiana ,april 9th 2006..freindship indiana april 15th saturday shoot 2006...sunman indiana,april 26th 2006....sunman indiana april 30th 2006... batesville indiana ..may 7th 2006.. this is some so if you come to these you can pick up a schedule for the rest of the shoots for this year .. there are even a few night shoots and a charity shoot for the red cross july 30th 2006 at sunman fish and game club thophies and prizes to be given away at this shoot .. at every shoot high score in each class receive a trophy or a t-shirt your pick .. 3 places in each class..hope to see you all .. contacts to each one of these shoots are....sunman fish and game mike gutapfel-812623-3266.....batesville shoot call..mike carman-812-663-3170...north dearborn shoot -eric hartman-812-576-4133...friendship indiana shoot-jack day SR. -812-689-6536........... :grouphug:
  10. I don't have the dates yet but I'm sure there will be another one of these coming up in January ' 07. I'll keep you posted and maybe some of us can get together for this shootout.
  11. Here they are Tree

    Nancy's Broken Arrow

    January 27 & 28.......Freeze Out.
    February 24 & 25.......Polar Bear Shoot
    March 24 & 25.......Turkey Warm Up
    April 28 & 29.......Grizzly Shoot Out
    May 26,27 & 28...Memorial Day Shoot
    June 16 & 17........Fun Shoot
    June 30...............Independance Day Shoot
    July 1 & 4...........Independance Day Shoot
    August 25 & 26.......Trophy Shoot-Sat. Only
    Medal Shoot-Sun.
    September 15 & 16.......Big Buck Bonanza
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  12. Great!!! Thanks for posting Doug.
  13. SO which one are we all going to attend this year? I know dew wanted to arrange this one and he has my blessing to take the second annual one on his back and run with it. I say we all do a couple of them this year. I think later in the spring would be good so that I can run down and get some work done on the farm that weekend and get to shoot my bow at a shoot also. Keep us posted tree on which on you think we should try to get too... I think the one in Jan or Feb would be a good one as all of us will have been getting the cabin fever by then.
  14. Anyone know what the schedule for Bass and Buck's indoor range is? Haven't been able to get hold of it?