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3D Shoot is a GO

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Here is the official info on the

    *strictly for Indianasportsman members only

    The location is at Arrows 3 in Lafayette IN.
    Official start time is 11:00-11:30 am on Saturday August 26th
    Price per shooter on the course: $ 10
    this includes a 40 target 3D course scattered about 20+ acres of woodlot.
    After the shoot we can head to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and a few drinks to kick the "chit" around and get to know each other. I hope to see everyone there.. I know earlier that Tile had said something about grilling or cooking out at his place afterwards, its entirely up to him on that one.
    We have the course all to ourselves for a total of 3 hours. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If there are any questions post them and Ill try to address them as best as possible.
    Lets get a final list of those involved so I can let the guy know... I know there were some cancellations and stuff on the poll so lets get the final total.
    I hope to get at least 10 confirmed to be there.

    Eric its ON!!
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  2. For sure Im in! Arrows 3 is located at I-65 and state road 25 on/off ramp on east side of 65.

  3. No Go for me

    I have to go up to a sox game that weekend so I'm out.

    Have fun boys.
  4. Me and "Smokey Z" are coming..........there's 2 for ya confirming
  5. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    99.9% sure ill be there, My wife works that weekend, If i can find a sitter for the kids im in, shouldnt be a problem though, let ya know fore sure after the weekend.
  6. I should be there, can't be 100% positive as of yet. Pretty hecktic at work right now. I know I have to be at the part-time job at like 5:30 or so...

  7. any body from the north side driving want to split gass???, I may need a ride
  8. Mark

    What side of the state are you on? Im sure if you are from the east side you could catch a ride with Dean. I know he is going to go arent you dean.
  9. Just north of indy in Noblesville
  10. Only a few days too go, just a reminder to keep this post fresh in the minds of the undecided. Looking forward to meeting all of you on Saturday. Good day.
  11. Can you post the address with zip code for the archery range so I can Map Quest in the directions. I've never been to this 3-D range.

  12. You might want to Map Quest the targets too'll need all the help you can get on're gonna' get slammed man!!! Now that's some trash talkin' right there pal. :bash:
  13. Uhhhhhh-Hummmmmmmmm...........

    You're about to find out who's your Daddy...[​IMG]

    With Love,

    "Vader Dew"
  14. Arrows III and Tackle Too
    2888 St Rd 25N
    Lafayette In 47901

    I guess we will all just meet inside there. You will all know who I am Ill have my recurve with me along with some bright red arrows. cant miss em. Listen to tree talking the smack around here. Hope he brings his crossbow complete with the 3-9 X 50 scope on it. Cause thats the only way he will be able to compete with me. Yeah i said it it Tree. Dew you better just bring your shotgun. talk with you guys later.
  15. I will be there for shure. I will be bringing my boss from work as well, since he shoots archery too. I was looking at the first post and read this: *strictly for Indianasportsman members only*... Does he really have to be a member?