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.410 Ga. Slug Guns

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by HickoryNut, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. A good friend of mine that lived in Kentucky for 20 years moved to Indiana three years ago. He was so used to hunting with a rifle that he bought a Winchester model 9410. He has used this gun and shot six deer with it, only to find one. He sold the 9410 before this season and is now using a muzzleloader. He also said the one deer that he found dropped dead on the spot, but it was only a 20 yard shot. He added that in 20 years hunting in Ky., he never shot a deer that he didnt find. The .410 put a bad taste in his mouth and he wondered why Indiana would let you hunt with it. I told him it was probably because they are easier on the shoulder of young hunters and women. Im all for the introduction of some rifle rounds to our general firearm season.
  2. HickoryNUt and others,

    It was a case of monkey see, monkey do.

    In an attempt to get more youth involved in hunting Indiana followed some other state's legalization of the .410.

    As your friend found out the .410 is VERY marginal for hunting deer. The deer had better be up close and personal and at a good angle to make a killing shot.

    The youth would be MUCH better served (and so would the deer that they shoot) if they were allowed to use the pistol cartridge rifles.

    Less kick than even the .410 and MUCH greater killing power.

  3. I'd agree on a 410 being very marginal. Whatever weapon we use we ought to be trying for a quick humane kill. I love to kill deer - I hate to abuse them:banghead3 A young person could use a 20 gauge - a very effective deer killer- If they can't shoot that with a recoil pad maybe they aren't old enough to hunt yet?
  4. I dont think that my nephew is too young to hunt (he's thirteen) but he is small framed. I think with a sighted in 20 ga. slug gun he could hit anything, but shouldnt it be fun to shoot?? I like shooting alot. After 7-10 shots at the range, he wants to put his slug gun up for good.

    I remember deer hunting for the first time, dad gave me a Winchester model 12. I dont even remember there being a rubber pad on the stock. It was like getting drop kicked by Andre the Giant. I didnt care though, all I cared about was getting to sit around that camp fire and hearing all those deer camp stories. I remember shooting the first deer that ever came into my area, my dad let them pass him to come to me. I shot a big doe and then yelled for him to come help me gut it. He never showed up (so I thought). I started gutting the deer, finally I was done and dragging it up a ridge side. About 20 yards from the top of the ridge I saw dad watching me, he said good job, he had been watching the whole time but wanted me to do it on my own. We drug it out together. After seeing that deer at the end of my bead, I never felt a thing when that ol' model 12 went off.
  5. get him a sims recoil reducer. or a benelli semi auto they wont put the hurt on you as bad.
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  6. Those early hunting experience are to be treasured! Maybe allowing a 44 mag repeater would be a good move.
  7. Didn't Remington make a 1148, 20 gauge model, where the barrel of the gun took the brunt of the recoil?
  8. They started the recoil operated 1148 after they had patent problems with Browning over their model 11 square back. I'm not any kind of gun expert but I think I have heard on several occations gas operated guns reduce and spread out the recoil more. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can agree or disagree.
  9. My wife hunts with a Russian .410 Saiga shotgun. She had breast cancer four years ago, which involved removing lymph nodes from her right underarm. She is not supposed to wear anything constrictive on that arm, or jar it in any way. Indiana legalizing the .410 shotgun was the best thing that could happen to her. She's taken her first two deer (both bucks) since buying a .410.

    Her 2004 3-pointer was taken in the LAST 15 minutes of legal shooting light on the LAST day of the firearms season that year. I was sitting with her in her permanent stand behind our home and coached her through the shot. Her tears of joy when the buck went down overshadow any deer that I have ever taken. :biggrin:

    She took her 2005 8-pointer on opening morning of firearms season at 7:31 AM from the same stand. This was her first time hunting with a firearm alone (she's bowhunted alone a lot.) She saw the buck standing on the other side of a wooded draw. The buck walked right up to an overhanging branch 20 yards away, made a scape, stood up on its hind legs to reach the branch, then dropped down on all fours again. It took a couple of steps, and she drilled it right through the heart with a .410 slug.

  10. Well your lovely wife has indeed shown me a 410 slug gun does have a place. if it allows her to hunt and she can shoot it accurately and wait for a good shot I will indeed support her effort. :)
  11. Now that is an awesome hunting story and life experience...congrats to your wife and glad to hear she was able to experience the hunt with the .410 shotgun. That is something that gets lost in some of our conversations on here...the opportunity for people to be able to experience the hunt with their weapon of choice. Without the .410 maybe she and others would never have the opportunity to take a deer, something many of us sometimes take for granted.

  12. That hits the nail on the head. Well said TREE;)
  13. Congradulations Mrs.Madness, thats a great story! We are having a discussion on crossbows in another forum. This makes me think of all the people that shunned the .410 in the beginning. Look at what it did for this lady. She might not have ever gotten the chance if the all mighty law had not been changed. Maybe next year we will have another inspiring story from another hunter saying how the crossbow changed her hunting life.

    See what im saying fellas, you cant hurt the hunting community by letting folks hunt with a .410 or a crossbow, Look at that ladies face, the proof is in the pudding.
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  14. The .410 In Most Instances Is Too Light For Deer Hunting. Not That It Will Not Do The Job , But You Have To Have Near Perfect Shot Placement At Seemingly Close Ranges.

    Idnr Put It On The Books To To Draw Youngsters Into The Sport, And While I Can Appreciate That, I Do Think That Some Precious Things Are Worth Waiting For. If A Child Cannot Handle The Recoil Of A 20 Ga Minimum, Maybe They Should Wait Until They Can.

    Use One If You Must, But Don`t Blame Me When You Don`t Recover The Deer You Shot.
  15. My 8 year old daughter hunts with a 410 shotgun, without it she would not have the experience other than just sitting out there without a firearm. Even though she has not had a shot opportunity yet at a deer she is learning valuable lessons while out there with me that hopefully will payoff when the moment of truth comes. Without the 410 shotgun, deer hunting may seem like a distant out of reach thing for her to do at her age if required to wait until she could shoot a 20 gauge. She is already stoked about the prospect of taking a doe in the youth hunting season this year. Maybe we all should take a step back and look at this great thing we enjoy from a newby's or child's eyes and take it for what it is...a pastime and heritage that we enjoy...and stop cryin' about everything that you don't agree with, face it folks life isn't fair for everyone and you can't make all people happy no matter what you do. We are all responsible for our own happiness, quit blamin' everyone else when you aren't happy about with it and move on. DANG...I feel better now! ;)
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