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412 lb whitetail

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by pigeonflier, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Friend of mine sent me this pic. Said it was killed in Nebraska. This should make a good conversation piece. I put the pic in the gallery. Take a look. Looks like a lab expirement gone right or wrong. Your choice.

  2. Dang thing almost scared me when I opened it. Just imagine it walking up to your stand. Talk about soiling the fruits.:dizzy: How could you miss?
  3. I saw that on a website a few weeks ago...nearly soiled myself. There isn't much I've seen in the wild that I would consider "out of shape," but that dude certainly qualifies!
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  4. I wonder if they followed a bloodtrail or if it was gravy???
  5. You could probably get a beef sized t-bone
  6. I'd kill for those backstraps!!!!!!!! What a deer!
  7. And it looks like he got gut shot, which means his huge stomach is deflated.
  8. i bet that meat would be as tough as a leather shoe
  9. big daddy

    How many other nice bucks do you think that mega-toad would run off your hunting area? One guess, all of them! I would have to kill that thing to prevent ever having to run in to it in the dark. I don't think even I could miss that deer. That looks to be the human equivalent of Andre the Giant. It would be interesting to know what area it came from. Up north?

  10. whopper

    My buddy at CAT e-mailed me those pictures, I thought he looked a little bloated? What a horse ,do you think he dragged it out himself????
  11. I heard that deer ate Hickorynut, now they are both dead...:cwm27:
  12. 'roids

    I read where that deer was taken on land owned by Sammy Sosa...fed a steady diet of steroids...any record categories it would have qualified for would not be considered.