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.458 Socom

Discussion in 'Feral Pig Hunting' started by 70worm, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. I still haven't got to shoot it. I'm a full time caregiver for my Grandpa so I only make it to the range about twice a year.
  2. when you do get to shoot it be sure and take pics of your test objects. lol i like wet newspapers with wood backing to test slugs. thats a thumper of a round there. be great for deer i bet!

  3. Tried it out today and it was ok. Very easy to sight in. I don't have a lot of experience with scopes, so at 50yards at 6x magnification I was shakey as hell but It only took a couple of shots to sight in. The eye relief was sufficient. I did realize my stomach is a bit to big to comfortably shoot prone. Time to loose weight. It was about 20 degrees this morning so I didn't spend any time focusing the lens. I didn't take any pics because we were just shooting paper. I put subs and supers through it today and it was nice. Compared to the weight of the gun I didn't even notice the suppressor was on it. The thing with the hybrid is to keep checking it to see if something comes loose if you fire alot of shots. Afterwards it stuck to my 300BO flash hider, which is a common issue for the Silencerco ASR mount. It happened to my son's Specwar last week
  4. [​IMG]image upload

    Tactical Brass Recovery catcher made in Southern Indiana. It's nice and works as expected. QD mount for top rail mount, they also make side mount.
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  5. Where did you get the brass catcher?
  6. Jamming is why I went with Tromix. I truly think it is a better all around upper. Plus the lightweight is just awesome for building a deep woods gun. Lots of guys have issues with RRA, but they usually smooth out
    after enough rounds.
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  7. Yup. I didn't learn about Tromix til after I bought the gun. I only use SBR ammo now and no more jams.
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