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Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by rico, May 6, 2007.

  1. Found 51 around Kosciusko County y-day.....

  2. Looks like someone beat you to the other half of most of them! I still haven't found more than the 1 I picked last weekend.:mad:

  3. Here is a pic before they went under the knife....

  4. Nice find there buddy! I've only came up with 25 morels so far........ The rest have been spikes. Still tasty!
  5. That looks like a happy camper there!!!:bowdown: Nice find!!
  6. good work rico
    mushrooms sound pretty tasty right about now...
  7. Nice shrooms Rico, when supper or are you inviting Scott over.
  8. Just fried the rest of mine up......... Didn't get to eat as many as I would have liked, but the wife and daughter ate well. NOW, I gotta go find some more!