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5 days and a wake up!

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Ooh Yeah it's getting closer, does everyone have eveything together for Wed. morning. I don't :bonk: , but I will this weekend.
  2. It is getting close for sure.:coolgleam

    I've actually got some stuff loaded in the truck already. Getting ready for the youth opener.

  3. I've got all the accessories set out and ready...still debating on bow/gun, but gun is dialed in.

    That being said, the tax return check came the other day, so rumor has it I may be gun shopping this weekend! LOL ;)
  4. Go do some shopping buddy! Buy two ... I'll gladly test one out for you ...:evil:
  5. DEC, wish you and your daughter the best of luck on that bird.
  6. my "computer" room looks like the turkey section at Gander Mtn. Everything is laid out ready to rock. Here birdy birdy birdy....
  7. All that is left to do is pattern my gun for mental assurances that everything I fire at will be dead.

    I have calls all over the place, three decoys in the back of my truck getting unfold marked and I have next wednesday off. I am so ready to fail at turkey hunting!!haha
  8. Gotta start sometime Tmarsh, LOL. Be patient and Good Luck to you.