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.54 Cal Thompson Center Scout

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Birddog13, May 3, 2007.

  1. I need help with finding a .54 cal sabot. Does Hornady make a SST in this cal? Anybody out there use a .54?
  2. I've been using my .54 caliber Thompson Center Renegade for over 30 years now. Tried sabots a couple of years back but I'm back to the minnie balls I've always shot.


  3. Yes, Hornady makes a 54 cal. sabot with a 45 cal bullet, if I remember right, a 300 or 360 grain bullet. My old Renagade shot the lighter one great!
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  4. Can you use a 45cal bullet in a .54 cal sabot? anyone tried this before? I really like the way the SST shoot from my slug gun and would like to stay with them, if I can.
  5. Birddog, the one I use to shoot was the XTP (hollow point) and it was a 300 grain 45 caliber bullet in a 54 cal. sabot. Sorry, I got confused with the SST's I'm shooting now. I like the 50 cal sabot, 300 grain 44 SST in my Encore.
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  6. Looking for some good .54 sabots. What should I try with out spending a ton of money?
  7. Powerbelt aero tip, 295 or 348 grains in .54 cal. I checked with my buddy a little bit ago and he hasn't gotten anything from Hornady in .54 cal. for a few years. You can order the Powerbelts from Cabela's. I have two friends that shoot them and like them well.