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7 leged deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by indylandon, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. I was listening to Paul Harvey today,and he said a deer was hit that had seven legs and both male and female reproductive organs. I think it was in Minasota. He said it had 3 little legs growing out of 3 of its normal legs. Anyone here of this yet?
  2. thats one from the Simpson's:yikes:

  3. Just found it while trying a search. It was in Wisconsin
  4. [​IMG]This is the only pic I could find. Sorry for the small pic, don't know how to resize on here yet
  5. Heard someone talking about it this morning, but they didn't have any info on it either.
  6. Instead of antler point restrictions, should we be worried about Leg Number Restrictions being included in future hunting regulations?
  7. :bash: Good one.
  8. Never seen a 7 legged deer,,but have seen an 8 legged deer a couple of times!
  9. It's all related to the know it is...Mother Nature's wrath on us for being so antler oriented..we must take control of this situation now...I propose for upcoming seasons the 4LR...YES, the 4 Legged Rule. Stop shooting these excessive limbed deer, it ain't natural.
  10. No, and here's why....Just think of all the extra meat involved with these multi-legged deer. I'm bettin' the beef industry is taking notice of this.

  11. Friggin' leg worshippers!!!!:dizzy: