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835 ultra mag

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by scrapewatcher, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. i just ordered a new 835 ultra mag (mossberg) 12 ga. turkey gun any one here have one and how do you like it. how do they pattern and what ammo do you shoot?
  2. Of course every gun is different even if it is the same make/model. Out of my 835 I use a Mad Max choke (I think the bore constriciton is .870, they make two sizes and you want the larger one) coupled with Winchester High velocity No.5's. Deadly combo out to 60 yds. I killed a jake 6 years ago that was feeding on bugs in a cut hay field at 65 yds. Only hit him with a handful of pellets but it did the job. My setup will put 70+ pellets in the head and neck of a turkey target at 40yds.....

    Good Luck

  3. by heavier size you mean barrel or choke?
  4. I told you wrong. I figured this out once I looked up the info. You want the .680 (tighter constriction) for the 835. I tried both of them and the tighter one out performs the other by a large margin. See link

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  5. thanks hoyt !!
  6. I bought my 835 around 12 years ago and I use the xtra full choke that came with the gun and it works great
  7. thanks turpie!! i'm sitting here grinding my teeth waiting for it to come in. supposed to be in this week.
  8. Grinding teeth


    Don't grind too hard you'll need those teeth to eat the turkey you are going to kill with that new gun. ;) Try several different loads and pattern each at 30, 40 and 50 yards. Your shoulder will know you have been shooting 3 inch shells.

  9. hey dawg!! i have a 3 inch now and can't find a brand of shells where my pattern doesn't blow apart t 30 yrds. it kills my arm i can't inagine what this 3 1/2 is going to. OUCH !!
  10. My 835 is VERY painful with the 3½" shells but oh so fun to shoot lol. I tried both Hevi Shot and the Federal Flight Control and both shot well out to 50yds. I didn't test them past that yardage. I have a truglo choke on there now, but there isn't a huge difference between that and the factory choke. I don't need to get anything more expensive because it shoots just fine! Hopefully I can see how it performs on an actual turkey this year. I got it last year.

  11. hey matt thanks!! i have two other mossberg's and they work flawlessly. i think they are an excellant gun for the money. their forearm action has really improved. i have a 12 ga moss slug gun that is deadly. the main reason i went to the 835 i've had several birds the last couple yrs. hang up about 40 to 45yrds out and i can't get that range out of my 3" moss
  12. I shoot 3 1/2 and yes you can feel it in the shoulder
  13. You guys shooting the 3 1/2" shells need to try the simms recoil pad. After installed your gun will feel like a 2 3/4" shell going off. They are easy to install on a mossberg.
  14. who carries those
  15. Gander Mountain, Cabelas, Outdoorsman (Greenwood). Gander Mountain will install for minor fee. You can get the custom fit which will fit just like your stock butt plate or you can get the slip over which is cheaper. The slip over will go over your existing butt plate on the gun. Like I said earlier in post, the mossberg butt plate is easy to take off and install!!