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A couple good ones found dead just down from my farm.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DEC, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. These two bucks were found dead within 200 yards of each other about 1/2 mile from where I hunt. Many of us in this area practice a very regimented QDM program and we manage the area for good bucks. It is very unfortunate that these were lost. We have no idea how they died. The smaller of the two was found last spring and the larger one was found just last Thursday. One of my best friends who hunts the farm between my farm and the one that these were found on, just brought these into my office for me too look at (unfortunately he has to return them to the owner:(). I took these pictures and rough scored them less than an hour ago.

    Great bucks, deserving to be the wall, not found rotted in a field.

    The one on the left in the photos rough gross scored at 158, rough net 130. The one on the right, rough grosses at 133, rough net 129.

    Two dang nice bucks. Unfortunately, they could not make it for this years seasons.




  2. Nice's a shame.
  3. Hopefully they were mature enough to breed some does for you DEC.
  4. It looks like their from the same gene pool, hence the split brows.
  5. Nice racks, wonder id it was that deer flu they been talking about.

    I like your laminate floors
  6. After asking around a bunch, we believe the larger of the two was shot by an old timer down the road that hunts with a smoke pole very traditionally (deer skin outfit and all). It has not been confirmed with him yet, but it fits the description of a deer that he shot at (thought he missed) last season. The smaller of the two, we still have no clue how it died.

    As for the laminate floors, yea they look nice, but I'd never have them again in an office format. My partner's wife wanted them. We scratch the heck out of them coming and going from the shop. So we have to keep them covered with rugs, so IMO, what is the point in having nice floors? They do look nice though.