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A couple tails

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DEC, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. I finished up a mount last night for my buddy Andy. It turned out OK, I'm not 100% satisfied. I'd never done the wings before, but with some good tips from the virtual world, I went to action. The wings are tougher for sure, but not that bad. The hard part is balancing the two out on the board. The turn, they twist, they roll ... over all a pain in the back side! After several times on the board and off, with a few not so pleasant words being thrown through the house, I settled in as seen below. Not a perfect balance, but they are wings and probably are not balanced in real life either. I'll give it to him this weekend, hoping he likes it.


    Here is what I did with my bird a few weeks ago. I'd never done a complete cape mount before and decided to see what it would look like. Turned out pretty decent, IMO. My wife said it was "ugly":rolleyes:, she likes them on boards. Oh well, can't please everyone. I've got a bunch and try and do something a little different with each one.

  2. awsome love the wing mount!!!! greatjob

  3. They look great Derek...Andy will be pumped!:woohoo1:

    I think the wing mount looks fantastic. Sounds like another road trip over to your house hopefully this fall so you can show me how to do those too! :lol:

    I bet it was fun boraxing the back side of that entire cape! :16suspect
  4. The top one reminds me of J.L's hat in that one picture there.......:rolleyes:
  6. Looks great, nice job.
  7. Looks good Derek... I think the cape looks cool. I know what you mean about doing something different with each one. I'm already thinking about next year.