A daddys dream!!!

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  1. Last night I grilled out. Made some pheasants and vension burgers. My kids won't even try bambi or birds but last night my middle girl asked to try some bird. I was shocked!! After about 5 minutes after giving her some breast meat I heard the most beautiful thing in the world. Both of my girls came in the kitchen and asked if there was any more!!! I have never been so happy about food in my life. Those two little girls ate a total of 3 breasts and 7wings. I was tickled. They even tried a burger. Looks like I need to harvest some more birds next year. Next weekend... .. duck and maybe a couple of quail I have left.
  2. Very nice...got the younger sister to eat some venison last time we had it. It has been a slow progression from summer sausage, to bbq deer, to deer steak. Awesome to see. Now she wants to watch the hunting shows, and scout with me all the time. Fun to see the change happen...

  3. that's great. my youngest daughter prephers venison burger over beef burger.
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    Sounds good...did all my pheasant in a crock pot with some beef added...good, although I did eat it all by myself.
  5. I have them put beef fat in with my deer burger and my daughter loves it, of course I fed it to her for a week before I told her it was deer. Alls I would ask her is "you want a cheese burger?"
  6. we use pork butt in our venison burger. The fiance wont eat steaks but she has no problem with burger.. .as long as she thinks its beef.hahahah.. what she doesnt know wont hurt her.
  7. Both of my daughters are married now, but they do eat wild game. In fact, they use venison in place of beef for almost everything. The oldest will take deer over beef anytime and the youngest was even upset with her husband this past season because he did not take as many deer as usual.
  8. I got lucky, my daughter helped me grind, butcher... the whole lot. THEN she took the freshly chopped backstraps and cooked 'em for us while I finished up. God, I love that kid!
  9. My family will eat venison, especially in chili or stew. I get to keep the tree rats and bunnies for myself. But, we FIGHT over grilled duck breast!
  10. Must have been your cooking.
    3 out off 4 of my kids will eat anything my 15 year old girl shoot her own and the younger boys will help clean the game.
    can't wait till they are older.
  11. My kids will eat it all. They evan like frog legs also have ate crawfish tails.
  12. it is my goal that my child doesn't even recognize the taste of ground beef haha

    thats why i have to hunt so much...gotta build up the meat stores haha
  13. Ha, crawdad tails...... when the boys were young we'd take the seine to the vreek behind the house, spring fed, lots of good sized ones. Ate a good many 'dad boils back then. Boys got a kick out of it, made me feel like a kid again.