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A day I'll never forget!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by BuckStopperXL, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Sitting in my stand this morning, I noticed something dark in the bean field I was watching that I hadn't seen earlier. After getting out the binocs, I saw that it was a doe bedded down. Movement beside her pointed out that there were 2 other does bedded down next to her. As the morning rolled on, I was unable to coax the deer toward me and after letting my binoculars fall to the footrest of my stand, I lost sight of the deer in the field. After about an hour, I climbed down and started heading for the truck. A quick glace into the field and I see the does bounding through the beans. A few curse words came out b/c of frustration, but watching them, I realized they were bounding toward me!! I backed up into the trees for some cover and the deer still kept coming. Finally at about 18-20 yards, I grunted to get them to stop or they would have run right into me, I popped a shot at the lead doe and missed(of course). The other two does stood there watching me for what seemed like an hour, snorting and stomping. I nocked another arrow, and drew back, but as I drew back the two does spooked and took off across the field. I watched them bound away and went to look for my arrow. As I'm walking through the beans, another doe comes bounding past me at about 40 yards, following the other 3. I stood there in shock, not only because yet another deer that I had no idea was there went running past, but also because my bow was laying on the ground about 20 yards behind me. Well, I found my arrow, and got the hell out of there. This has been one of the most unforgettable season yet!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :yikes: :yikes: :eek: :bonk: :bonk: :banghead3
  2. WOW! You think you have it all planned out and things like this never know what those crazy Whitetails are bound to do.

  3. In the back of your mind is the thought of the 10 pointer bedded in the corn that you didn't see at all! He is just laying there laughing.:yikes:
    Man I feel for ya'.
  4. its like the 3 stooges of deer hunting....only i'm all three stooges wrapped into one big ol dummy
  5. hehehe dont be so hard on yourself. Thats a memory you'll have forever.
  6. You wanna know about a kick in the ba**'s, just last saturday morning me and my cuz met at the truck after the hunt. Well as we where standing taking off our outer layer a doe ran beside my truck and posed like for us to take a pic. Deer do some crazy crap no doubt makes you wonder if they're are as smart as everbody say's:confused:
  7. Even The Worst Day In The Woods Is A Good One ....the Season Is Just Beginning So Good Luck.