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A fishing we will go

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by 410, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Well its that time of the year that fishing is taking off. How about tell the site some of the fishing trips you have planned.

    WOW: I am hoping a trip or two or three or four or five to Ohio after those big walleyes that bubba is talking about. Thats what Quail and I have set up.

    A trip with James for Trout or bass or crappie or gills or walleye, you get it any thing that bites. Right James.

    Maybe a trip to my home W.VA and fish in the river for smallmouth and catch some softshell crawfish so when I get back. pigeon and I can go on the river in South Bend for some smallmouth.

    Like always I will be fishing Scott pond. (THATS RIGHT DEAN SCOTT'S POND).

    Hope to take a trip with Dean if I can work it in some way. :fish: :fish2: :fish:
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I'll be taking my yearly Canada trip with five friends. Third week of June. We drive about 14 hours and then fly out. Been doing the same trip for about25 years.
    Always look forward to it.

  3. i am going for the walleye !!! have been , will go again:bowdown: :bowdown: hail to the mighty maumee and its walleyes .:fish: :fish: :fish: :coco:
  4. Going for the razor mouth Hoosier Muskie on Lake Webster in mid-April with oldrookie.

    Going to get JL down here for some super Illinois Largemouth Bass fishing in late May or early June and I hope to get up to his place for some fishing too.

    Working on a fishing trip "up north" with some friends this summer.

    Will spend a lot of time fishing and camping at the local Izaak Walton club with my family and friends.
  5. heading to realfoot tenn,for crappie and bluegill in may.just bought new boat so every weekend is a trip for me (well when the wife allows)
  6. Fishin' with Tree, fishin' with tilesetter, fishin' with Quail, fishin' with 410, fishin' with Pigeon and Bubba, fishin' with Dean, fishin' with my other buddies, going to Canada fishin' for smallies, and maybe in WI. Busy summer of fishin', glad I don't have to work!
  7. planning on going 400 yards out my backdoor every week-end!!!!!!:corkysm55
  8. Biggest plan is a week long trip to the Lang/Big Bear chain in Ontario near Espanola. Fish the main lake for smallies and walleye, go to any of the back lakes for pike, large mouth, small mouth, perch or gills. One of my favorite places to get away to, although now you can get some cell phone coverage up there :coco: Family tradition too - my grandfather took my dad up there ask a kid, and my parents took me up there when I was a year old.
  9. A warning to all...

    Just came in from fishing the St. Joe and Maumee in Ft. Wayne, what can I say....skunked AGAIN!!
    Anyone planning a trip with Quail may be asking for the kiss of death, I'm cursed.
  10. i got this spot that just might take away the jinx............
  11. Don't tempt fate buddy, if you value your fishing spot at all...keep me out of there!!! Wen't deep sea fishing once in the middle east...ever hear of the Dead Sea...wasn't til i showed up.
  12. Gone Fishin

    Planning trips to houghton & higgins lake in the summer ,Tablerock in October & all the rest of the time hitten the 101 Lakes in the backyard!!!:bouncy: :fish:
  13. We will probably head up to Lake Michigan either late April or Early May and get in on the coho/brown trout. Might head up there again in July if the King bite is on the way it was last year. Me and my wife limited out on 3 and 4 year old kings up there on our trip last year. In the fall i will make a few trips to Michigan City to try and land the 4 year old spawning kings from shore. Last year i caught my first ever shore king off the pier at 1:30 in the morning on a glow green KO Wobbler. That is an experience. I put in countless hours and many trips up there to get one fish but it was worth it. It's not quite as easy as it is getting them off a boat.

    Might make the first trip to the Eel in a few weeks to see what the smallmouth are up to. I got called for stinkin jury duty next week and my luck i will have to serve for a week so thats probably the earliest i will make it out there to fish.

    I also probably will work in a few trips to some local ponds for crappie, in between the mushroom hunts.
  14. Dale Hollow Lake

    I got a vacation set up to take the family to Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky Tennessee border in July on a houseboat for a week. Anybody else been there? Any advice on the fishing there? I hear they have big smallmouth.
  15. Went there about 20 yrs. ago. We went in July also, fish will be very deep. Some fishermen were catching Lake Trout on downriggers that time of year the fish were so deep. We had limited success on the smallmouth, it was very hot as you would expect during July. The smallmouth we did catch were nice ones...they tasted good too!!! It is a beautiful place and I'm sure you and your family will enjoy it.