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A Good Day With a Bad Ending

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tine Lock, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. I started off this morning by going to Tri-County pheasant hunting and got my limit in one hour! It seemed like there were pheasants everywhere! When I got back we went out into our back woods for about an hour to go rabit hunting. We only jumped one rabbit and I got him. It was about 2p.m. when we got in so I decided to go out to try and fill my last doe tag while video taping the hunt. I have been going out with my bow but the past 3 days I have seen the same 4 does pass about 50 yards South of my stand in the evening so I put up a blind closer to where the does have been passing. Also to make sure I would get one if they passed I brought out my shotgun.
    Well it turned out that I got a perfect shot on one of those does. He dropped to the ground but stood back up and dashed. We have been out looking for the past 2 hours and found nothing! No blood, no hair, and no sign of her! But I think i might have heard her thrashing on the other side of a swamp so were going to go out in another hour, but im gonna be mad if we don't find her because a doe kill on video along with pheasants and a rabbit would make the best day of my life!
  2. look forward to hear the outcome - and you sure did have a good day!!!

  3. Good luck Tine Lock, hope you find her. Have you watched your video to see what kind of shot placement you made on her? Might help you decide on how long and hard you search for her.
  4. Ya I looked but you can't see much. It wasn't the best video because as soon as i shot all you saw was the blast coming out the end of the barrel of my gun.
  5. Good Luck, I hope you find her..... Nothing worse than knowing you hit one, but never find it.
  6. Ohh you wounded a deer, no biggie, "there's always more deer out there right guys".... :banghead3 I'm kidding of course, just coudn't help but make that comment! Good luck with the tracking and congrats on a good day of hunting!!

  7. No luck last night! we went out for another hour this morning in the dark and didnt find anything. Also looked during daylight for 2 hours but didnt see her. A buddy and I are goin out one last time to check a wooded area close to where she ran into.
  8. We noticed a lot of hair coming off the top of her back after watching the video some more, so I think that I just missed her some how. It felt like a good shot but there was no blood and no hair. It's a mystery to what actually happened but i'm pretty sure after looking at the results that i just missed her with a high shot that skimmed her back.