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A little fun with a couple I.S. buddies

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by DEC, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I wanted to post this up yesterday, but was too busy and I couldn't find my camera ... found it though:). I assumed Jon would, but he apparently was busy.

    Wednesday, Jon (jstalljon), JL, and myself decided to leave work early (wait JL doesn't work!:mad:) and get together for some fishing, food, and a few cold ones. So JL and I loaded up in my trusty soccer SUV and headed over to Jon's parents' place on Fish Lake.

    Jon (our high priced guide service) took us out on his trusty state of the art bass-a-gill-a-floatboat (aka ... pontoon boat) for some fishing action. Apparently he knew JL and I are cheap and were not going to tip him well because he sure didn't take us to the "hot spots" on the lake. But given the fishing conditions, I still had to school both JL and Jon. I fished circles around these boys. Score ... Derek 4 gills, JL 1 gill 2 bass, Jon 2 bass. OK OK, my gills were absolute dinks, but then their bass were not hogs either.

    Upon returning to the dock for some food we found someone dumped a bunch of empty beer cans on the boat. Not sure how they got there.:confused: Then we proceeded to cook up some walleye, gills, venison, and bear. Jon LOVED the bear.:evil:

    A great time was had by all. I was moving a little slow yesterday. Had to have been the bear meat. It couldn't have had anything to do with the refreshments.:yikes:

    Here are some pictures. Jon has more, hopefully he'll post them up.






  2. Ooooooooh Nooooooooooooo! JL has been shopping for shirts at the same place Pigeon gets his!!!
  3. Nice Derek...

    As soon as I get done digesting that bear...I'll give you my final thoughts.

    I'm guessing sometime next week!
  4. Too funny! I was thinking the same thing! That must be some new fashion trend!:evil:
  5. Yea, that over grown coon attacked my innards all night and well into yesterday. I think he's finally gone though.:bouncy: Rough stuff. I swear it cooked up good last time.:chillin:
  6. you guys are some ugly critters (except the stallion, who is pure catnip for the ladies)
  7. Hey made my mom's day yesterday when she opened that fridge and found the rest of those gill fillets! She couldn't wait to fry them up. She said you're welcome up there anytime! :lol:
  8. It was the least I could do to thank you and her for your hospitality. (Actually, I think I just flat out forgot about them)
  9. Sorry about have no idea how hot it was in that cottage!
  10. Atleast the man boobs managed to stay "caged".:16suspect
  11. HEY!!!! If you would have wanted to see them, I would have obliged Big Guy.;)
  12. You should have a hair net on your chest. What if one of those curlies got in the batter? By the looks of it no one would have noticed anyway. DRUNKERDS!!!! wish I were there.:mad:
  13. Funny, Funny, Funny....... Next time include a loser.... (me) Looked like fun!