A little mess I made tonite.....

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  1. Here's a little catch I pulled in this evening. Kinda cold, but fun nonetheless. James your days as the "Perch Pirate" are numbered;) ! Can't wait to eat those perch! I cant post the pictures..... again. I posted the in the gallery. By the way, the bluegill on the bottom right is 10 1/4".
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  2. Not seeing it...

  3. Thats a nice mess of fish! If you need any help eating them let me know.
  4. Nice catch! Here they are:

  5. Looks like a good time
  6. Way to go! :) I went last night but couldn't seem to get dialed in :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks PiggyN How did you do that. I posted pics on here before, but i've slept since then.......
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    Nice mess of fish
  9. Open your picture on the photo area- right click on it - go to properties - highlight and copy the http address of the picture - open the picture editor and paste on the address. :)
  10. nice mess o fish!!
  11. That works for any image you can find on the web. Use the "insert image" function and paste the picture's URL into the window that pops up.

    If you've already got the picture loaded in your IndianaSportsman.com photo gallery then you can copy the "img" tags in the UBBCode field. Simply paste them into the body of your post, and voila!