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A Question For Everyone

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As some may know by now, I live in Vigo County. I just heard that I have a new job working at the new Gander Mountain that is opening in April. I'll be a sales associate in the fishing department. I was just curious if anyone had been to a Gander, and if so what they thought of it. I was really impressed with their outlook for outdoorsman. is the website if anyone is interested in checking them or should I say "us", out.
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Years ago I went into a Gander Mtn store in Ft Wayne. It seemed like a Farm & Fleet sort of sporting goods store. Recently I went to the store in Castleton. It is massive with an impressive inventory of hunting and fishing gear at very reasonable prices, but there were not many people in it, leading me to believe I was there on a slow day or the store won't be in business very long. Too bad. It's a nice store. I wish you the best in your new job.
Gander Mountain

From what i've heard the new Gander Mtn. store will be a blessing for all outdoorsman.

I've never heard anything good about Dick's and don't like their salesmen, kind of rude, and if Gander Mtn. has a store with a good selection :) i think i'll be shopping there, even if its out of my way !
I like the Gander Mt store on Lima rd in Ft Wayne - they do have a good selection and pretty good prices. The big Cabela's store in SE Michigan is cool but for day to day outdoor shopping I think I prefer Gander mt.
Hi Joe,

There is a Gander Mountain about 20 minutes from my house in Merrillville/Hobart. I stop by there about 6 times a year and I buy some of my hunting and fishing equipment there. I think the prices are decent and the selection is good. I have also been to some of their seminars/workshops and found them to be very informative. I must admit though that I believe in supporting the local small bussiness owners in my area and whenever possible will give them my bussiness.

Congrats on the job. I'm sure that employee discount will come in real handy.
Why Wanatah, the thought of an employee discount never crossed my mind..... In all honesty I'll be greatful to be paid to talk to people about fishing all day long. I went to a Dick's one time up around South Bend. I was sorely unimpressed with their hunting and fishing selection. I've been assured that this is not the case with Gander. 65,000 sq. ft. of hunting, fishing, and camping here I come!!!
I personally like Gander Mtn. And considering T.H. really has nothing like it at all, it will be a welcome addition to the city. With me living less that 15 miles from the store, I will be there often. In fact, I thought of applying for a job there, just for the employee discounts:)
Lisa "Hoosier Huntress"
Gandr mntn.

I just moved from Terre Haute. Its about time they got a decent sporting goods store. just sorry I missed it. We have one in Merrilville, Its fantastic.
Gander Mt.

We have a Gander Mt (as already stated) in Ft. Wayne. We also have Dick's Sporting goods.

I always go back to Gander. Their fishing selection is very good, although their guns are over priced. Also, they have great sales on good clothing.

Good store
I go to the store in Ft. Wayne and the one in Coldwater i think they are great. But i will allways spend some of my money at Try-State Bait and tackle. I have shopped there for about 10 yrs and they are very nice people.But Gander Mt. is an awsome store.
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