A Saturday of Divers

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  1. I've frequented this forum quite a bit, but I just recently logged on as a member. Here was this Saturday's shoot that a buddy and I had. I have heard guys talk about the divers being in the area with an early kick to their migration, and I got to experience it first hand.

    From top to bottom is a hen Hooded Merganser, hen Bufflehead, a drake Ruddy, and two hen Ruddy's. I'm not complaining, but it would have been nice to get into the drakes a little more. Man these birds are fast!!!! LOL

  2. Did the picture work? Sorry, I'm new at the URL pictures.

    When I looked into the FAQ's about posting images it said there would be a browse function at the bottom of the top. I'm not finding that?

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  3. dont see a pic .... congrats on the divers tho !!! they are sooooooooooooooooo much fun to shoot !!! dont get alot here during season most years ... but when they make it down i give em a shot .... lol ..... hope ya can figure out the postin of pix ...would love to see em ..... congrats again !!
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    You have to save your pictures first either photobucket.com or imagestation.com....then you can right click on the pics and copy the properties....that's what you paste on the thread...click on the Mountain icon (the yellow one)...that's where you paste it.

  5. Welcome ISP. Nice job on the divers.
  6. Welcom to the forum, ISP...in the past, we've taken a few hooded mergansers, and the buffleheads are pretty thick around here in the late season. I shot a nice male bufflehead a few years ago that I'd like to get mounted. Just seems I can never find enough money to do it!
  7. I figured out how to get the picture in the photo gallery. You can view the picture there. If someone knows how to move the picture over to this topic, can you do it (or tell me how to)? Thanks for the warm welcome. This sight is great.
  8. Here you go, ISP:

  9. Thanks James, I must be incompetant. LOL. I don't know what my problem is when it comes to these computers
  10. Try trading with the taxidermist. I've got a bass my daughter caught...the taxidermist need some big "gills to mount for a display...traded him. I don't remember what the deal was for the duck he mounted for me. Just a thought...never hurts to ask.
  11. ISP

    I have shot some buffies and bluebills already this year, what area you huntin?

    I am in Northeast and North Central Mainly
  12. Northeast as well. I have heard some guys are even getting into Cans and pintails. I would definitely like to tangle up with some of them as well!!!
  13. Just across the MI line last year there was a little lake that was LOADED with cans. The season was out for us at that time though...:(
  14. Always seems to work that way doesn't it!!!