A word of caution.

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  1. I learned a pretty good lesson this weekend. Had my best friends bachelor party this weekend. We started out with a 9 holes of golf at the Garrett Country Club. Then we shot clays and targets and birds and whatever else we could find until dark. Then we decided to proceed to Ft. Wayne to one (or two) of the fine adult entertainment estalishments :evilsmile

    With that being said if you have ever watched C.S.I. before you may have heard them talk about G.S.R. (gun shot residue). Aparrently when you fire a gun some of the burnt powder that is expelled will get on you hands, arms and face. Well on the T.V. show they always use a little black light in a darkroom to check for GSR on your skin, and if it is there it glows white. So when we got to the bar that had very poor lighting the 4 of us walk in and sit down at a table with a whole bunch of .................you guessed it, BLACKLIGHTS.:yikes:

    I look over and start laughing because all three of those guys looked like lepers. Then I looked down at my arms and realized I looked like that too. Well, it took us about 20 minutes to figure out what was wrong, we all tried to scrub the crap off, but it wouldn't budge. I must have wiped sweat off of my forhead or something cause it was glowing. :hide:

    So if you are planning on going to the booby bar don't shoot prior to going.
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  3. Now Thats Funny Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the heads up partner
  5. That right there, has to be one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time!
  6. That right there is funny......I don't care who ya are....

    GIT R DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Book 'em, Danno...

    What a riot! At least you weren't there with any of the Pacers players!
  8. I've heard on those shows and others that there are other fluids that glow under a black light. Maybe those dancers just thought you guys were having a REALLY good time.
  9. Ick...
  10. bet ya didnt get any
  11. That's exactly why Weimer stays out of Brandy's.....