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Absolute Freaks!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I went to the Gander Mtn. in Terre Haute this afternoon to see what was happening there....I saw some absolute FREAKS being weighed in for their contest. I saw a 13 pointer with a small drop tine with great mass all over and out well past the ears that weighed 226, a 21 pointer that went 175 lbs. that just had a lot of junk on it and 2 separate beams coming out of it's head on the left side with a drop tine off the far left one that curved back towards it's body...totally freaky looking. The most impressive of the bucks that I saw while there was an absolute monster 8 pointer that carried great mass from the bases all the way out to the tips of the main beams. It had a 20" inside spread and hit the scales at 200 lbs. The greatest thing about this deer is it was taken by a 14 year old boy with a CVA muzzleloader...HIS FIRST DEER EVER!!!!! Dean Weimer you need to contact this kid it is truly an amazing looking deer. The points fork out like a Mule Deer with great tine length througout, just an absolute beautiful Whitetail Deer. In my estimation there will be no deductions at all on this massive typical rack. The bases are every bit of 5 1/2" inches. I asked if this deer was alone or tracking a doe...they said it was with 4 other bucks all about the same size!!! :yikes: The guy that shot the 13 poiinter I mentioned earlier said he saw another one about the same size that he killed and then saw one that put both of them to shame...he said it was an absolute beast!!! OBR?...Think it's working???
  2. I saw a tremendous 8 ptr. today at the check-in station. It was probably going to go around 145". Have seen some very nice bucks so far. By the way, angler103 is in my climber right now, and he called to say that he saw the big ten point I've been watching! Hopefully he gets a crack at him!

  3. Don't tell me what to do Randay!!!!!!!

    Just kiddin' Rand...can you get me some contact info.? You know antler worshipping zombie!!!!!
  4. No, it's not working. You obviously haven't read all of the articles in various publications out there (Hint Hint: Newspapers and one northern Indiana free publication). The OBR is a complete failure. Kentucky is just keeping it to.....well, I'm unsure why Kentucky is keeping it. It being a failure and all......
  5. Sure can, call the Terre Haute Gander Mountain. Since you're a Gander Mountainite you've got an inside scoop. Just ask them about the huge 8 pointer taken by the 14 year old kid, they'll know which one you're talking about. I think he was # 21 in the contest but don't quote me.
  6. I know the Ft. Wayne Gander Mountain has at least one big freak in it. Works the fishing dept.:evilsmile