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Account confirmation???

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After several attempts I still have received no email to confirm my registration. A little glitch in the board??? maybe you can help??
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I had the same problem.
Check to make sure that the e-mail is not going into your spam/bulk folder. That is were mine went. If it is there make sure you mark it as not spam so next time it will go to your inbox. If it is not there, the only other thing I can think of is maybe a misspelling of your e-mail address.

Oh yea, :Welcome: to the site....;)
Hey..Callmaker................mine went into my bulk folder as well, always a good idea to check bulk mail from time to time for messages that go there that you don't want to:bonk:
The emails definitely go out. Where they go after that is anybody's guess.
I have no spam or bulk mail folders. I have double checked to be sure my email is right but still no mail. I do have blockers that divert mail based on key words in the title.
What is the title used on the confirmation email??
I'll have the system send it to you again. Is your email address [email protected]?
Well it was just resent.
Never artrived Steve. What does the subject line say?? Maybe I'm losing it because of wording used there.'
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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