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  1. a situation happened to me this weekend and wanted to hear how others would handle it.
    early this summer i got permission to hunt a friends 13 acres. he has not been out to the property for 20 some years! so all summer i have been getting it ready for this year. it is surrounded by several hundred acres of untouched land.
    i have talked to the only neighbor around and he told me nobody hunts around there. so after scouting i had found that the best place to hunt on the hundreds of acres is right "my" property. a bedding area and lots of thick bryers. so i have hung two stands on this property one on each side of the bedding, as far as i can get on 13 acres. Sat. i shot a doe and while tracking it , i found a ladder stand. few minutes later, i run into older guy. he owns property adjacent. evidently he has been hunting this 13 acres and the 80 acres behind me for 20 years. him and his 2 sons are hunting the bedding area "triangulrly". two of them are hunting corners(on thier other land,right at corners of mine) and the other is on one side in the middle.
    i talked to him and asked about the 80 acres and he said nobdy else allowed to hunt except those 3. he tryed to get me to go on somebody elses land that i didnt have permission to. i called the owner of "my" property and he said nobody has permission to be there but me.
    So, i know they have hunted it for a long time and i tryed to work it out with them, but they dont want me there because they have found big deer there.
    there is no way i can get to my stands without messing them up,but it really leaves me nowhere to hunt.
    i tryed to be civil as possible, but we came to no conclsion.
    should i hunt there,should i leave it for them,and tell'em next year itll be different?

    so i was wondering what y'all do?
  2. my advise is to try to get the owner of the 13 acres to handle it. there's really not anything you can do with those guys except anger them. if their willing to tresspass but won't let anyone on their property says alot right there. but if you continue to hunt there i wouldn't worry at all about messing them up because you have permission and they don't. but if it was to become physical i would consider another spot. they know your there now. they'll either steal your equip. or get confrentational. ask yourself is it worth it?

  3. Who has the permission to hunt this 13 acres, you or them? I certainly wouldn't worry about "messing" them up.
  4. CO... give him a call and make it plain as day that the next time they turn up on your property they are going to jail and getting fined. Take the CO with you and make sure that he knows exactly what you want. Label all your stands with your name in a discreet area... If the come up missing have the CO take a trip to their premisses... If your stands are there and they are marked with your name they go to jail for a really long time. Sometimes you gotta push a little harder than you want but it will get better in the long run... Obviously being civila nd sharing isnt something that they understand so dont bother with these people.
  5. I would ask your buddy if you can hang "NO HUNTING" signs. They are in the wrong no matter how long they have hunted the property and it is for them to accept that. Hanging the signs might get them to move, but it might cause them to get angry.
    Personally I think you handled this weekend very well. With this guy being an older gentleman talk to him again with your buddy. Somehow your going to have to prove to him that you have the permission now and that somebody will be there on a regular basis.
    Anyway you try to solve this the other hunters are going to be upset, but if this is the only place you have. Well then you must protect what you can hunt.
    Just my opinion....
  6. JL said it best.

    IMO you tried to be civil and they wanted none of that. So if it was me, I would hunt in there everyday and make myself as visible as I could just to tweak them a bit. If you're worried it might turn physical take a buddy with you...hell i will go with you, sounds like a good setup, plus I know there are deer all over Hendricks/Putnum Co.
  7. Stick It To Them

  8. I think I would get the land owner and have one more talk with this guy and then if that does no good, then it's time for the CO to get envoled. You should try your hardest to keep a good relationship with this guy, you never know when your deer you might shoot would run on to his place and you might need to go get it. But if this is not going to happen, then make sure what you shoot doen't run far. 13 arces is not much but if it's all you got protect it and I would hunt as close to the property line as posible with safey in mind and be as visible as posible to let them know you are not going any where and to keep them on the right side of the line.
  9. Make it clear that they are trespassing with them and the owner. Put the local CO on speed dial and bust them while they are there. Tough, but trespassing is illegal no matter how long they have been there.
  10. thanks for responses. i am the only one with permission to hunt this land.
    as i was talking to the older guy,he did give me permission to track a deer on the other land if it went over there.
    as we were tracking my doe, he showed me where him and his sons stands are going to be. they were in the process of hanging them that very day, and it just so happens that both of them are within 30 yards of mine. there is an old railroad that cuts thru the property(with tracks removed) that thisguy mows that travels thru "my" property and his. so i guess he has kinda taken care of this area.he says he has chased others outta this area before and has even hung up no tresspassing signs all yes im not trying to piss him off any more than he already will be, because you know how bad a pissed off hunter can be. so im not really worried about a pysical altercation just what he could do to the area, because its about 1.5 hours away from my house i cant keep an eye on it.
    i guess since they are gun hunters only, i could get in there during bow and get me one,and get out:evilsmile
  11. as for the tresspassing...once you tell them to stay off they are on could also inform the local co's to that fact and if you see them on the property you are hunting...they could be charged with criminal tresspass...depends on what county the property is in...some county prosecutors don't care much about hunter's rights and game laws:banghead3 that drives me crazy...but not here in dubois county.. i stick it to them...espically poachers...forfeiture and replacement fee hits them where it mentioned he's been taking care of the land sort of and using it as his own...could have an adverse possession claim but he'll never figure that out...incase you haven't already guessed i'm an attorney...lot of us are hunters and good people despite what you've heard...good luck, get in early, get your buck and stay out of slugs way...
  12. Kinda makes a guy wonder if they are tresspassing on that 13 acres,,,,,are they trespassing on the 80 acres too! I would check with all the land owners around there and make sure them fellas have permission at all!!!
    Would kinda suck to shoot a nice deer or any deer for that fact and have it die where them other fellas are hunting,they may not let you get that deer!?

    Good luck,,,,,,the joys of deer hunting!
  13. I had the same thing happen to me this week i just leased 160 acres in putnam co.EXCULSIVE rights,i ran into a young kid getting into his stand i asked if he had permission he said him and his dad had hunted the property for 10 years.I just took off so i would not blow up on the kid.when i got to my truck after 300 yard walk.the kid and his dad pull up his dad said he was sorry and they would stay off the property.then he asks if im hunting in the morning,there was a small buck running a doe behind us about 80 yards from the truck.why would he care if i was hunting in the morning.maybe a little drop off action.the farmer is very busy and the guy's live on the back of the farm.i think they are going to watch for my truck and hunt when i'm gone.i live an hour away.what does a guy do?
  14. I Would Let The Landowner Handle It. Once U Know They Have Been Informed I Would Hunt The 13 Acres As Planned. The Other Guys Should Respect Your Right. If There Are 80 Acres Also To Hunt Whyare They Stacked Up On That One Area!!!!!!! Good Luck
  15. Only the owner of the land can have the tresspassers arrested, unless he gives you some kind of power of attorney. Permission to hunt the land does not afford you the privilage of having someone arrested.

    I have gone through all of this with a spot I have in Owen County, the old fella who owns it won't give me a power of attorney, when we called the ICO he came out and explained that the OWNER would have to be there to sign the "hunting without consent" citation.

    If the owner is not willing to prosecute the tresspassers, your S.O.L.!