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Age structure of the 2006 deer harvest

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. FWCC 1/20/07 report from Dr Mitchell.....

    "Forty check stations checked approx. 4,500 deer, of which 3,000 were antlered bucks. 46% of the antlered bucks were 1 1/2 years olds as compared to 50% the two prior years. Dr. Mitchell says this is evidence of an older age structure."

    This is down from two years at 50%! and over 10% in just five years of the much for being "stagnant".
  2. thanks for the info, good stuff...OBR for life!

  3. Yeah... i learn best with pictures too.

  4. So, Mr Mitchell has determined that we have an older age class of bucks now, huh? Wonder if he's put the pieces of the puzzle together yet as to how. If not my 3 year old is pretty good at puzzles and is a deer maniac.
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  6. I believe you meant a graph...didn't you?

  7. Yeah, that would work too. Maybe a multi colored pie graph. That could be fun.:tongue:
  8. pie????????????

    I knew we'd get around to food!

    I'd say that we wont go much lower than the 46% as there will always be people who will shoot the first deer by, but it is one heck of alot better than where we were.

    We are going to have the OBR for another five years and after that it will no longer be an issue.

    I just hope our hunting buddies to the north are successful with their attempt to bring a reasonable management plan in their State.
  9. The MI DNR recently sent out a survey to assess hunter support for various buck regulation changes - they're assessing hunter support for four different options, one of which is a OBR. Survey results should be available sometime this spring.

    Joe, where can I find the report that you referenced where Dr. Mitchell is referencing the yearling antlered buck harvest at 46%? Can you post a link or send it to my email?
  10. In 2001 55.% of the antlered buck harvest was yearlings.

    2002 - 53% yearlings
    2003 - 54% yearlings
    2004 - 50% yearlings
    2005 - 50% yearlings
    2006 - 46% yearlings

    Looking at the change from 2002 (year 1) to 2006 (year 5) - the amount of bucks harvested that were 2.5 years or older increased from 47% to 54%. This 7 point change translates to a 14.9% increase.

    Very impressive.
  11. Terrific numbers, just freaking awesome...OBR!!!!
  12. nice to see some numbers like that to quantify all of the OBR rants!!

    i'm a believer...