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  1. has anyone ever taken or seen an albino coon.
  2. I saw one 2 weeks ago at my place. That is why I am bugging coonslayer on the "how too's" of bucket sets.

    My biology teacher is a taxidermist and had one mounted in his classroom.

  3. There was an interesting article in Field & Stream a few months back that told of a hunt several years ago that produced an albino coon.
  4. Did u have any luck finding out how to make a bucket set, i don't know if i explained it clear enough. I'm telling u stick with those bucket sets and you will get something. The only time i didn't get something is one time i forgot to take the safety off of the springs duh:bonk: . this set up is also killer for possums, i don't know if u want to get some possums. Ahhhhh......lets see i also caught a huge feral cat once on this set. Remeber lock them babies up u don't want someone steeling them. Good luck trapping.

    Go to message board and then to coonhounds. They have pics and plenty of stories about albino coons and buckets sets
  6. i caught a piebald coon years ago in a 220 trail set .... a friend of mine killed a true albino while coon huntin .... he almost left it in the tree as he thought at first it was a feral cat or possum .... he now has it mounted ..... as far as my piebald .... i lost it when a taxidermist told me it had freezerburned in his freezer ..... but i know the truth
  7. found one 20 years ago mother got hit on the road it was about 6 maybe 8 weeks old was going to make a pet from it but it had the wild in it already. gave it to the fort wayne kids zoo.
  8. Rowdy


    I've only seen one albino in my life, and she was cooking breakfast at a truckstop.
  9. I saw one outside of Garrett here last fall, but then caught wind that some crazy lunatic had raised them and turned them loose.

    P.S. Leave it alone Quail and Scooter.......
  10. I was at a friend of mines taxidermy shop and saw a blonde colored raccoon, it was really cool lookin'.