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all you big time OBR hunters how about this ?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by psychobubba, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. ( NBR ) no buck rule for 5 years ?

    how many would still be out there in the trees , ground blind or just sitting on a stump ?

    I will ! I am a meat hunter i put meat in the freezer!
  2. I'd STILL have trouble sleeping the night before opening day!

  3. I'm and antler junkie through and through. I love OBR.

    I'd be a little bummed with a no buck rule, not that it would matter because many years I go without filling a buck tag waiting on that one buck that I'm after. But to answer you question ... I'd be out there hunting just as much as ever. I love to hunt, antlers or not. I get a charge out of having even small bucks pass under the stand and thinking "buddy this was your lucky day". I get a charge of having a doe in bow range. I get a charge out of just watching deer.

    So yes ... yes I would be out there.
  4. I'd be there for sure. Can you imagine what you'd be seeing out there in years 3-5 :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
  5. This thread makes me DREAM of what I think would be a DREAM RULE for our state............

    **One Buck Rule.......and........County Draw Rule

    (I just think that if simple efforts were made to establish a "Buck Draw" system in each county for us hunters keeping in mind that bucks will still be taken but on a regulated basis and would provide a management agenda for growing mature buck deer in each county..........the sky is the limit for what we could grow. The neat thing about draw systems is that you could also establish a "point system" in the draw so pretty much every other year you would be at least guaranteed a tag if you kept applying. Sure would weeeeeeed out a ton of slobs that would get the urge to draw blood on a buck at the last second since "they missed the application deadline for the Buck Tag Draw"..........and..........we'd grow some FLIPPIN' GIANTS in this state.)

    My litte Dream.........:coolgleam
  6. I'd be there. I hunted for years without killing a buck and kept hunting ...killing does...better eating anyway. Doesn't make a difference to me. I'd have the camera ready so when he came by, I would at least have a pic.
  7. It would br rough but I could do it. WOW BIG BIG BUCKS
  8. 5 year no buck rule..........two more buckless seasons I will be at 5 years. Yet I still hunt atleast 6 times a week for the big one!
  9. i would most defenitly be out there. i love to eat deer meat. burger, loins, sausage , jerkey. i love deer burger. and i don't think any seasoned bow hunter will say an adult doe is easy to take.
  10. I would be all for a draw system, or one buck every two years. I've only killed one every two years since I began hunting 10 years ago. I would still be out there to kill does for the table.
  11. Not a 2nd thought, I'd be out there hunting does. They sure taste wonderful.
  12. 70 hours and counting

    heck been out there going 70 hours plus this year and still waiting. Wouldn't make any difference to me.:16suspect At his rate.....I dont think they have to be worried about endangered species!
  13. Not practical, they would be poached. It is way too easy as it is now to cheat. And yes, I know if you want to cheat you can cheat wether its a tele-check system, etc. etc. But being a realist there would be way too much poaching to see a big difference in my opinion. Amazing the number of people I hear about doing stupid stuff now. Big bucks bring out big idiots. Shoot em with a rifle, shoot em from the road, drive the neighbors property while he's at church, shoot the first buck through and use your kids tag if a bigger one comes out later....

    Being a lifetime license owner I'm a little shocked at how the system is now. Go to walmart and buy a doe tag and a buck tag. Now go out and shoot a doe. Great, now why buy another license? Lets see.... shoot a second doe first and then go home and buy a tag on line with your credit card. Wait 47 hours because stiff is stiff as far as rigomortis goes and check the doe in with your new tag. Repeat 327 times if you like. If they check you in the field the original license reciept still shows you have one doe tag and one buck tag. There is no field tag now, you just use paper and pencil. A CO would have to think something is up and then check in with the check stations to even see if you had already used the first doe tag or not. THe whole things ridiculous if you ask me. Anymore I think they should charge you a flat $100 and that covers you for the year on deer tags. Had to vent, sorry to pee in peoples cheerios.
  14. I would totally support that program, like u said i also am a meat hunter.
  15. i still think that the doe harvest is to high forget about management of the heard if the doe aren't there the bucks aren't there plain and simple if i'm taking a doe i will not take a mature doe that is a guarantee of 2 more deer next year i've got a good doe on my property this year that has triplets shes big but shes still alive because i won't shoot her
    stop the slaughter
    one doe and one buck for the next five years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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