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Allow straight wall pistol cartridges in rifles as proposed by IDNR...

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Indianahunter, Jan 1, 2007.

Should the IDNR allow straight wall pistol cartridges in rifles for use during our ge

  1. Yes

    24 vote(s)
  2. No

    28 vote(s)
  3. Not sure at this time

    7 vote(s)
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  1. What do you think? Give us your vote...
  2. Not touching this a catch 22...or catch 30/30...whatever...:16suspect

  3. wondered how long it would take.........

    I wondered how long it would take before it made it here. I wasn't going to "touch it" But now that it is here, I add my opinion.

    Indiana has long had a general gun season that included a variety of weapons to meet anyone's needs. We started with a "shotgun season", then we added muzzleloaders. Then in the late 80's we added pistols, you know revolvers in .357 calibers and above...... then we had an IDNR employee who owned an T/C pistol in .243 and he wanted to use it, rifle cartridges were added. Then in recent years we have smokeless powder muzzleloaders come on the scene and they are legal. because they load from the muzzle they meet requirements.

    All during this time I could and can today hunt anything in Indiana with my typical centerfire rifle except deer, turkey and waterfowl(Federal law).

    Now today an individual started a drive to get pistol cartridge rifles allowed for deer hunting. The claim is that they "only want" pistol cartridge rifles legal, it will recruit more deer hunters, less recoil and cheaper amo.

    Why am I left out? I legally own a centerfire rifle in 30-06, .270 and .300wsm. I want to be included also, and here are my reasons.

    1. Currently anyone using "out of season permits" can apply to use them. I am not aware of anyone being turned down. Safe for farmers or their designee, but not a licensed deer hunter?

    2. Safe for pistol deer hunters but not me?

    3. Unsafe in Indiana? Can anyone show statistics to prove this? Michigan and Kentucky both allow rifles and shotguns, what makes Indiana different. Pennsylvania(most deer hunters in US) allows their use.

    4. The weapon meets the criteria to cleanly kill a deer.

    5. I can use it today to kill quail, squirrel, rabbit, coyote, pheasant, all available to hunt during the deer season.......... at the same time you are deer hunting.

    6. The .243 and 25-06 would be ideal rifles for young people and women as they have great accuracy and low recoil.

    I voted no to the above poll because it did not include my choice of tool in centerfire caliber. I want to be included and treated as an equal....
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  4. Brew...........

    It is only deer hunting, the slug guns are too brutal for adults. Shoulder injuries and bruising seem to be prevelant, but turkey loads are gentle.......
  5. My understanding of the proposed bill has it for deer hunting...
  6. Voted not sure,,,but would like to use my .243 for deer season. JB nailed what I have thought about high powered rifles during deer season . I shoot my .243 at coyotes while deer season is going on also, so what makes the difference if I could legally use it for deer season also?
  7. The link to comment

    We can do all the polls we want, if you wish to comment on the proposed rule just send an email to .

    It will be distributed to IDNR as well as Natural Resources members.

    Some would have you believe that only pistol cartridges are going to be allowed. At this point there is "preliminary " adoption, anything can be changed or added.

    .243 would make a sweet deer gun, not as much damage as some other calibers. Recoil? gosh think of the kids that would be able to shoulder it.
  8. i voted no. it's a safety issue with me. i have no quams with high powered rifles or any cartridge. i love em. but just too many people in the deer woods.
  9. Me too.
  10. I voted unsure simply because if were going to go with straight wall pistol cartridges i would want them in replacement of the hand cannon loads. Thats my two cents. But really i dont want anything that has the word rifle cartridge legalized in Indiana because of safety.
  11. Voted not sure.........granted rifles are used for a lot of other game but, I think there are more people hunting deer than most other game right now. Just not sure how safe it would be in the woods, guess alot would depend on how many used rifles.
  12. I think some people would run out a buy a rifle like a .44-mag or .480 Ruger in a lever action to try something new. I probably would. However, I feel many will hunt as they always have in the past with the shotgun, pistol, or muzzleloader that has served them well...

    I still know people who shoot the old foster slugs out of a smooth bores even when a rifled barrel is available for their gun. 44-mag wheel guns even though they own contenders in higher velocity calibers and plain Jane muzzleloaders when the smokeless ones are readily available.... Again, some with use a rifle and some will not.

    Just my opinion!

    I guess the poll should be “would you use a rifle if the law as it is currently proposed is passed in July”?
  13. Here comes the Out of State Hunter....Have Rifle will Travel
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