Amber Alert Has Been Issued

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  1. NAME: Saige R. Terrell
    LOCATION LAST SEEN: Clay Street, Henderson, KY
    DESCRIPTION: Saige R. Terrell is a white male 10 months old, 2 feet 3 inches tall,brown hair and brown eyes, scratch on right side of face, rug burn on back of neck, and is developementally disabled.

    Heith Cox

    Henderson Police Department
    1990 Barrett Court, Henderson, KY 42420
    case # CC06-20753


    DATE OF ALERT: 10/17/06
    TIME OF ALERT: 1:00 am

    PAGE UPDATED: 10/17/06
    * Read exactly as written

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    The Henderson Police Department in Henderson, Kentucky is investigating an abducted child from Clay Street, in Henderson, Kentucky. Henderson, Kentucky is approximately 10 miles South of Evansville, Indiana . The abducted child is Saige R. Terrell, a 10 month old, white male, with brown hair , brown eyes, standing 2 foot 3 inches tall and weighing 19 pounds. Saige has a scratch on the right side of his face and a rug burn on the back of his neck. He is described as being developmentally disabled . Saige R. Terell was last seen at 9:00 am October 16th at Clay Street, Henderson, Kentucky, and is believed to be in extreme danger. Henderson Police Department in Henderson, Kentucky says Saige R. Terell was likely abducted by Renne Terrell,the non custodial mother of the child and Christopher Wayne Luttrell. Renne is a white female 33 years old, 5 foot 5 inches tall, 240 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses. Christopher Luttrell is a white male, 21 years of age with light brown hair and blue eyes. Luttrell stands 6' 2" tall and weighs 150 pounds with tattoos on both of his arms. The abductors are believed to be driving a white 2000 Daewoo Nubia 4-Door Station Wagon with Kentucky license plate number 675 DRV. The child was taken during a supervised visit with a social worker. The social worker was found deceased at the home of the child’s non-custodial mother, Renee Terrell. Terrell is believed to have taken the infant and the social worker’s vehicle. Renee Terrell could possibly be enroute to Evansville, IN or Fort Wayne, IN where she has family. If you have any information on Saige R. Terell please contact Henderson Police Department in Henderson, Kentucky at 1-888-58AMBER.
  2. Kidnapping and Murder? And they have to be on the way to NE Indiana, Some kids have great odds to overcome. Hope the child is quickly found safe and sound.