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An addict ...

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by DEC, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hello, my name is Derek and I have a problem.

    I am officially a Decoy Addict. There has to be a support group for guys like me. Internet sales on decoys should not be allowed!:banghead3

    I was a bad boy today.:biggrin:

    Decoy $#$^* ... I think that shall be my new title.:(
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  2. You bought more decoys???!!!! :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

    I hope you bought a new trailer to haul all these, due in on the 12th! ;)

  3. You breath a word of this to my wife tonight and I'll choke you ... I swear I will!:evil:

    And no, there is no new trailer coming on the 12th ... think bigger, grander, endless possibilities.:biggrin: Though I do need a new trailer in the worst way.
  4. I'm sure my silence can be guaranteed....for a price! :biggrin:

    What's for supper anyway! LOL:lol:

    I reckon I ought to treat since you're helping me with the turkey tail.
  5. Derek, do you ever have trouble finding your dead geese among your hoards of fake ones?

  6. If you ever need help setting all those up and gunning over them, be sure to let us know!! I work cheap.
  7. Hello Derek!

    I am an addict too. Maybe not a decoy addict, but a call addict.I guess you can't have to many decoys though....Who has the decoy sales right now? "Hook a brotha up":biggrin:
  8. PM sent.
  9. How many you up to now? I'm in rehab right now. I haven't counted lately but I thing total I'm at 18 dozen (full bodies, shells and silos). I sold two dozen of my BF and I'm here to tell you it hurt, it hurt allot, but I knew I had to do it (or buy a bigger trailer). I'm now trying to control myself with buying goose calls, I'm on hold at five and I'm thinking I may soon need to seek help at the call clinic.
  10. I'm pretty sure that the three of us that hunt together and share dekes are up to a collective of 140 full bodies ... I think. In my personal barn right now I have almost 4 dozen full bodies is all. Really not that many, IMO, that's why I MUST buy even more!!!!! I MUST I SAY!:evil:

    I've laid off the calls for a while. But with Sept right around the corner, I'm sure something new will be added soon.:biggrin:
  11. Can we really have too many decoys?
  12. All the junkies stand up and give a collective ... NO WE CAN'T!

  13. You are a wise man D.

    No We Can't!
  14. Well, duh!