An unfilled tag...but hopefully a new hunter

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jaymac, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Today I took a friend to the field with me. I set up the blind on Thursday afternoon...yes in the rain and winds. And we returned to it around 6:30 this morning. Before first light we heard at least three shots and counted over 20 by the time we called it a day: roughly 11:30. I was really hoping that he'd get a chance to see a harvest...either buck or doe would have been fine by me.

    We were both numb in the toes, but neither wanted to admit it until we packed everything up and got back in the car. During the drive back home we talked about the experience of being in the woods, with God's creation during a sunrise. There was a fog in the creek valley we were hunting--really cool as the morning light changed. I'm sure we both saw some "phantom" deer.

    Anyway, as much as I wanted to fill a tag, field dress my first deer by myself, pan-fry some inner loins, and have another hunting story to tell; I realized that I do have another hunting story to tell...the one where a new hunter was born.

  2. That's great!.......and M/L is coming up.
  3. Best story I heard in a long time
  4. I am glad a new hunter is born....
    I truly hope you have better luck in the next season. I still have one tag unfilled. I'll be going in late archery season for a doe.

    Good Luck
  5. Well I have neither a bow or M/L. So unless Santa come early this year, I'll have to wait until next year!
  6. You should get a muzzleloader and hunt with it during shotgun season. It makes your firearm season twice as long. Plus you get a "half time" for your coach to bring you back up. (in my case its my dad)

    The last day of firearm season I was kinda ticked that I had not got a shot on a big buck then I saw an eagle land about 40 yards from me. I was humbled right away. Then a group of does came in at last light. I took the biggest one. The end result was two coolers full of meat for a local family that I promised a deer to and my first encounter with an eagle on the property I hunt.
  7. great story. keep that close to your heart and the rest will fall into place.
  8. Gizmo, I was down in your neck of the woods in Oct. May I say I bet you have great hunts! The terrain is just awesome to visit. Casino on the other hand....My money enjoyed visiting-it decided to stay at Belterra :(
  9. Try some toastie toes, hand warmers, and a thermos of hot coffee it always keeps me out longer.
  10. Good going. A new hunter is a lot more important than a filled tag.