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Angler 103's First Mount

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by Bronzeback, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Angler 103 was home for the holidays, went squirrel hunting and wanted to try his hand at a little taxidermy.. Tell him what you think for his first mount..


  2. Thats awesome....what do u charge??? ;)
  3. looks good, i like what you did with the tail. he's what my first attempt looked like.
  4. Looks nice...get a haircut.
  5. Very good job,103...I don't think the squirrel needed a haircut, not sure what James ment by that.
  6. Nice! I've been wanting to try my hand at it, just never got the ba@#$ to try. Looks darn good!
  7. look's good,i notice you have some taxidermy supplies in the back ground.hobbie or job?
  8. thats a great looking mount 103!! how much you would you charge to stuff a 'yote for me to put in my back yard so my wife will stop complaining about rabbits eating her flowers haha.
    Seriously...nice job 103!!
  9. Is that my form in the background?
  10. Couldn't be, it looks nothing like you at all.
  11. Great job 103, nice work on the squirrel