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another bullet?

Discussion in 'Muzzleloading' started by PRED, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. any of you have experience with .458 rifle bullets from your 50cal muzzle loaders?
  2. Nope. However I am considering trying at some point, maybe this summer, some of the Kinetic Performance .458 bullets and the orange sabot.
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  3. Don't have experience but really considered Barnes ssp .458 400 grain soft points that have a high BC for long distance shooting.
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  4. The Barnes Original 45-70, .458 @.389BC and the orange sabot might work, but sending a 400gr bullet with the charge I shoot would just punish the living heck out of me. I'd have to back down considerably on the charge and create a new drop chart. I'm currently setup with the CDS turret on a VX6.
    I've been working on my shooting forms, both off the bench (no rear support) and also from prone (no rear support). Three shoots this spring, with one that will have me shooting 500 off the bench and depending on the final of the other, it may include 600yds.
    In general.................. the higher BC bullet will be better in the wind, but slowing it down too much, gives away the higher BC advantage.
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  5. Yeah it would definitely be punishing
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  7. Well as far as a great bullet I really really like and use the Barnes 250 grain MZ
    I would do the 300 but I just happen to gotten a smoking deal on a few hundred of the 250's.
    I love them bullets.
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