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Another New Member Here..

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by BUDFIELDS, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Hello Friends,

    I just stopped in to say HELLO and introduce myself. Many of you may know me from my contributions and postings at other hunting and fishing websites.

    My name is Bud Fields. I live in Galveston, Indiana which is just about 8 miles North of Kokomo. I retired from Kokomo Chrysler Corporation after 35 years involvement in Quality Control.

    I am now the outdoor columnist for the Kokomo Perspective newspaper where I have a weekly column entitles "OUTDOORS WITH BUD." I am also a member of the Hoosier Outdoor Writers Association and I write for many other hunting and fishing websites and outdoor publications, including Midwest Outdoors and the GADABOUT.

    I am an avid deer hunter and I have been involved in competitive archery and bowhunting since 1964 and I also hunt with muzzleloader.

    I also conduct numerous hunting and fishing seminars for area Walmarts, KMarts, Rural King Stores, Dunham's Sporting Goods Stores, tackle centers, churches, schools and youth correction facilities.

    I am a tournament angler and I compete in 80-90 bass tournaments a year while fishing tournaments every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. (ROUGH LIFE)

    I look forward to meeting new friends here and sharing information with others. Hopefully I can meet some of you in the woods or on the water someplace...

    Bud Fields
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to the site...high school English teacher here (so we'll have to check each other's posts).

    Is your paper online--is there a link to your articles? I'd love to read your writings.

  3. Hello


    Yes sir, simply type in and when that screen opens, look to the left hand side of the page for SPORTS. Schroll down and click on "columnists." Anything listed under "OUTDOORS WITH BUD" or anything outdoor related will be my articles.

    I try to stay seasonal with my articles. During the deer hunting season, I post hunting articles and tecniques and when it is fishing season, I post tips and techniques for fishing.. panfishing and bass fishing. I try to discuss camping, trapping and all types of outdoor topics.

    I especially advocate getting the younger generation involved with the outdoors.

    I am trying to work with a young man about the possibility of getting my website back on line again. I have received numerous requests from people that visited my website, "OUTDOORS WITH BUD FIELDS" before I shut it down. I sure miss working on it and if things develop, I hope to have it open again.
    "TAKE A KID FISHING" Bud Fields
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod


    Read some of your your style. I have a student teacher this semester, so I have a lot of time on my hands. Keep up the good work.

    I'm an avid bird hunter --pheasant/quail-- (yes, there are plenty in Indiana to hunt if you know where to go) and have a great hunting companion, my six year old Brittany.
  5. Welcome - used to live in Galveston and teach at Lewis Cass!
  6. Really??

    Is that right?? My kids graduated from Lewis Cass. My daughter in 1984 and my son in 1986.. Daughter was a cheerleader and the son was involved in football, basketball and track...

    I probably know you.. I have been here since 1972.

  7. I just missed them - taught there from '87 to '97 before I moved home up by Lagrange. When I was at Cass I taught Chemistry, Wildlife Science, and Middle school science. Nice school - nice people. I would have been happy to stay but my aging parents were needing more and more help and my mother in law had a stroke and my wife wanted to be closer to her. Lots more lakes and woods up this way:) but I miss the rivers and the catfishing.
  8. Sorry To Hear..

    Well Sir,

    I am really sorry to hear that!! I lost both my parents but my wife's parents are still alive. They are both having health problems now. They spend the winter months in Florida and when they are in Indiana, they are only about 5 miles away.

    I like it here myself but I do manage to get up in Northern Indiana and parts of Michigan fishing and I deer hunt quite abit around Logansport, Rochester, North Manchester and wherever I get invited to visit. When it comes to hunting and fishing, driving distance is not a problem.

    I just thought perhaps I knew you since you lived here in Galveston but the town has really grown since I moved here and people come and go quite often.

    Bud Fields
  9. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Welcome Bud.