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Another possible IN record buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Aaronhome27, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. I was looking through 98.9 wbyr home page and was looking through the Buck University photos. There is a photo of another buck shot in Switzerland county rumored to be in the runnings for top buck. I would not have believed it but I had also heard the same story from a local supply store, before this photo surfaced, who said he was down there for a shippment pick up and saw the buck. By the way the photos of the 10 pointer and 6 pointer are myself and my wife. Her first deer photo! Here is the link. . Regaurdless of all stories it still goes to show Indiana will soon have to be recognized as one of the top producers for monster bucks. Watch out Iowa, Illinois, ect here we come.
  2. i don't know

    That seems like a dream deer. 345 lbs field dressed? Was he hunting in Canada. I don't know if I believe that story or not.

  3. I would have to see it to believe it. Or at least see the picture of the deers body. Thats why I posted here. To get reactions to it. Nice deer though.
  4. There was also a very large non-typical harvested during bow season in Parke county...
  5. I also question the weight, after weighing a lot of deer and seeing/listening to the stories prior to weighing, I have concluded that fishermen and hunters have one thing in common, they cant judge weight accurately.

    Had one guy tell me the bass he caught was at least 4 1/2 lbs. I put it on the digital fish scale, 1lbs 14 oz.

    345 field dressed is a big big deer, I bet thats a typo and he ment 245lbs, which could be the truth.

    Good lucking bucks on that website though
  6. OBR is working, let's make it permanent!
  7. "Hey guys, this buck was sent to my cell phone by a buddy down near Switzerland County. It field dressed at 345lbs and is a 17 pointer. It is the largest buck in indiana and scored in the field to be a world record. Biggest buck I have ever seen!"

    Above is what is posted about the Switzerland Co buck on that website. While it is a great deer, it will score nowhere close to the state record, let alone world.
  8. Switzerland County Buck

    I'm not sure if the picture on The Bear website is this same one or not, but I just got off of the phone with Jeff Kurtz, of Gaston. He has a lease down in Switzerland and found a 31 point Non-Typical dead that has been green scored at 247" N.T. This is not a world record, but will be Indiana's No. 3 or No. 4 all-time. The state record is a 254 and change buck shot by a guy named Zolton Dobsa back in the 70s. The No's 2 and 3 are two bucks that tie at 248 and change a piece. Tim Goode and Shawn Sears took these two monsters.
  9. That sure is a big body deer, the biggest I have heard of in Indiana was killed by a buddy of mine about 15 years ago. He killed one that field dressed at 330 lbs. it was a monster. My dad killed one a few years back that f/d 245, he was a hoss also. Most of the deer killed down around Brown county range from 130-200, 200 being a pig. Johnson county has had alot of big bodied deer.
  10. I don't even think that this deer was weighed as it was found dead and had rotted some. I know that the DNR came and took pictures of it, but don't know that it was weighed. I do know that Jeff just cut the head off of it. As far as this deer (or the one on the Bear website) weighing that much...I have my doubts.
  11. Switzerland County Buck

    The 247" N.T. was found dead by unknown reasons (it is assumed that it was hit by a car, shot by poacher, killed by freerunning dogs, etc.). The deer was never weighed so it's hard to even tell if this was the same deer at all.
  12. Switzerland County buck

    I saw the pictures of this deer and can get them from the Conservation Officer in that county. As I remeber the story from him the Owner of the head and his buddies had passed this super buck ALL summer while using out of season permits. They had hopes of taking him during the gun season with all respect to such a great buck. They were there to hang their stand s when they found the buck dead at the back of a soybean field just off the road. I thought I was told that there was a definte bullet hole through the ribs....

    A great deer STOLEN from some good hunters who could have killed it before a season started.
  13. Joe, The way Jeff talked to me, they weren't really sure what caused the buck's death.
  14. Switzerland County Buck

    I was told they found it dead ,and they couldent tell if it had been shot or not.Ilive about 4 miles from where they found it,i drive around alot and never seen this buck.I have apic. of its rack.
  15. well, whatcha' waitin' on?...let's have a gander at it. :rolleyes: