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Another Rotten Walleye!

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by JL, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. A guy invites you over to fish in a BASS tournament, and he proceeds to catch nothing but walleyes, steelhead, rock bass, warmouth, and a crapload of smallies 1/4" too short....what the heck?


    Nice fish, Pigeon...and I had a great time enjoying the scenery! ;)
  2. Hate when those other fish get in the way...

    Such a terrible little word to put before Walleye, “Rotten”. My one fishing goal this year was to learn how to catch more of those rotten fish. Last night I spent way to much time out in the garage prepping leaders and spinning rigs for my next outing to chase more of those rotten critters.

    Sounds like you guys had fun, sorry to hear the bass were short and uncooperative.

  3. Nice eye and I am sure by fishing with you JL that you had a great time.
  4. 410, the boats ready, the gear is ready, lets go to Pike and harrass more of those rotten fish.
  5. gotta love them there things :bowdown:
  6. What is a BASS again??

    :bowdown: To the Gold 'Eyes!!:fish2: !! I hear that my dad and Uncle and the others are doing quite well in Minnesota. Catching a bunch of those "rotten" fish.
  7. Give me a "rotten fish" anyday over one of those "green carp"!:hide:
  8. Ahh, the scenery. We saw 2 groundhogs in 2 differnent trees, a mink running down the bank with a fish in his mouth. Lots of nice fish up on the bank in the parks:hide: and also a full moon even though it was light out:hide::hide:..The fish on the banks were real nice ones
  9. Care to explain???
  10. Well, this strech of river was right throught the middle of town. There was lots to look at in the parks. We did have a couple real nice views. But since we do have some innocent youngsters on here, I wont go into deTAILS.:hide:
  11. I hardly ever fish this stretch. Its about 5 miles from dam to dam. Was hard to get any legal size bass to bite. Winner was 6.8lbs with 4 fish. We only had 1 legal. And JL caught that. If the tourney would have been for walleye, we might have had a chance. We did boat a 15" and 18" and a small 1.
  12. I'm getting a strong urge to chase some rotten fish.:fish2: :fish2: :fish2:
  13. Today is the day

    I'm sitting here at work with the boat in the parking lot. Soon as I'm finished this afternoon, my wife and kids will meet me at the lake, and we'll be bottom bouncing for walleyes in Pike Lake. Hot day out there, but we'll try to make the best of it even with a late start.
  14. Well Harold and I was at Lake Erie Friday and man did it get hot. May flys has hatched and all over the water and your line. We caught 6 nice walleyes, YES two good catfish and a few perch. Harold also had a sheephead around 16 to 18 pounds. We had a other nice trip.