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Another Success Story...

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by hunter47331, May 14, 2007.

  1. The last hour of my last day (Saturday), it all came together. After a relentless season of hush-hush birds, with several sightings, with a missed opportunity at a fast moving jake, another hunting shooting the Tom I was hunting 100 yards away, another public ground gobbler met his fate.

    After a Saturday morning hunt, with only hen sightings, and far-away gobbles, I decided I would hunt a ridge in a different area that I commonly jump turkeys off of in the fall while deer hunting. Just a week prior, I had hunted 200 yards or so away hoping turkeys would fly down my way, only to hear a muffled gobble from an un-impressive bird. Saturday was the first time I was back in the area. I thought I would hunt near the roost area, with hopes that I would get him on his return to the roost from a nearby crop field that is on private property.

    About 7:00 pm or so, a hen came in within 40 yards or so, and then hurriedly left the area, while clucking away. I think she detected my movement, as I was originally looking in another direction. An hour and a half or so later (8:30), I was ready to call it quits, with light fading fast. I was reflecting on this years season with some regret about the missed opportunity on the Jake. Again looking in the wrong direction, I panned back around and to my surprise, I had a gobbler within 30 yards of me, walking in my general direction, just off to my right. I shouldered my gun, he putted three times (now within 25 yards), and then fell valiantly to the ground after being struck with a round of number 5's. I took my first turkey ever in my second season of hunting. It might possibly be the largest bird I will kill for some time to come.

    Turkey's Weight: lbs. oz.

    Spur length Right: in. Left: in.

    Beard length in.

    Your score is 26 + 11.25 + 11.25 + 22 = 70.5

    I'm not in the contest (score is just for reference), but think of what a good team-mate I would have been... just kidding. Pictures are below (see caption... you'll get a kick out of the last pic)...





    This picture was taken Sunday morning, since the lighting was poor on Saturday night. Fence looks good, street clothes look bad.


    This last picture has some hilarious value. My wife and I always joke about what our 1 year old daughter will like to do when she gets older. My wife suggests volleyball, and of course I suggest hunting. My wife comes home from work the other day and Hailey is carrying around a whitetail shed. Although she was un-enthused by this, Saturday night would have to take the cake. Hailey came out to see the turkey, petted it a couple of times, and then reached right down and picked up it's nice colorful head...!!! LOL I thought my wife was going to die. Needless to say, I haven't seen her chasing volleyballs around...!!!

  2. Nice job! Those pictures are priceless!

  3. Very very nice. That right there is why you never ever give up. Hunt them right until the very end if you can.

    Congrats! Great photos too! I like the fence picture.:coolgleam
  4. That's awesome...way to hang with it.

    I agree with Derek...the fence picutre rocks!
  5. way to take care of business at the last minute!!!

    thats a stud freakin bird

  6. congrats on sticking with it. Not too many people would hang in there after a long season like this. You earned it thats for sure.
  7. Great bird, great patience!
  8. I think I'd send the fence pic to Old Navy and see if they will used it in an ad. Great job on a great bird, congrats!

  9. Nice bird bro! Wish I had a good story for ya! Nice pics too.....
  10. Way to go man... very nice bird!!!
  11. Congrats on getting a nice bird!!!!
  12. Hey guys.... thanks for the comments. On a competitive level, it was nice to take a nicer bird than either of my long time hunting buddies. Both of them killed jakes the first weekend. I didn't intentionally pass anything up, but thought I was going to get skunked. A little envy in the air...