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anterless tags

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by ddw, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. so just to clearify...can we use anterless tags for muzzleloader and late archery seasons?

  2. yes - the bonus antlerless license is not weapons-dependent, so can now be filled during either muzzy or late archery season...
  3. Couple questions myself. Any help appreciated. This is my first year being better educated and hunting does. Firearms license is done(obviously) wasted tag:banghead3 . I bought an anterless tag($24) and used it during firearms season. Now during muzzy season, I buy an muzzy license($24)- good for either sex right? If I shoot a doe, do I buy another regular muzzy license($24) for my chance at a buck? And if I shoot a buck first, then I can buy a bonus anterless tag($15) for a chance at a doe? And one more, if I get a doe or buck with my muzzy license, can I still take a doe with my archery license or do I have to buy a bonus anterless tag? Thanks for any help, I am sure these are probably stupid questions, just wanting to make sure I am doing the right thing.
  4. I've been hunting with a Lifetime license for 4 years now, so I'm a bit rusty on the regs, but if I'm not mistaken your MLoader license is good for buck OR doe.

    So if you shoot a doe with your ML tag, you'd be out of luck for a buck.
    You'd still be able to buy a bonus anterless for another doe, but no opportunities at a buck unless you'd be able to take one with your archery license in late bow season.

    If you shot a buck first with your ML could then buy a bonus anterless tag in which you could shoot a doe with a ML.

    And yes....if you kill a buck/doe with your ML, you can still shoot another doe with your bow and use your archery license.

    The bonus tag is good for ANY weapon as long as that weapons season is open.
  5. WTHunter...if you do shoot a doe with your ML, why not just tag it with a bonus antlerless tag? Then, you could still hunt a buck with your ML. If I were you, every doe I shot would go on a bonus antlerless tag until either the end of the season, or until you run out of your quota.
  6. This is what I would do also....I was under the assumption he had a ML tag, but not another anterless bonus tag.
  7. i bought a state archery tag i haven't filled yet. is it good for either sex? i don't remember off hand.
  8. You are correct. I do have a ML license, but no bonus antlerless. I will have to go back online and get one. Thanks for the help.
  9. Yes...good for either sex.
  10. No problem...that way, theoretically you could shoot a doe with your muzzle loader, put the bonus tag on it. Then hunt for your buck the rest of the ML season with your ML tag. If you don't see one the last day, you could shoot a doe with you ML tag. Then hunt for a buck or doe in the late bow season with your archery tag!

    Good luck to you....and hope you have plenty of freezer space! :D
  11. Scrapewatcher,

    The archery licence, if i'm not mistaken in only good for both sexes if you havent taken a buck during firearm...correct?

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong...

    Someone needs to re-write these regs...

    $h1t needs to be easier than this...
  12. You are correct. If he shot a buck in gun season...that's his ONE buck for the year. He would only be allowed to shoot a doe with his archery tag.
  13. thanks tmarsh. i usually buy milatary ref tags. but thought i would hunt with a buddy some this yr. and never went. but i can use it on base here too. i haven't took a buck yet. and probably won't unless he's more than what i've seen. i have a frend who had surgery and missed alot of hunting so i told him i would try to tag him a nice doe for some meat.