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Anti hunters.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by dleslie217, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. There has been a lot of discussion on here in the last couple of days about hunting ethics and anti hunters. I was wondering how many of you have had first hand experience with an anti hunter and what it was. My only encounter was with some snooty old bag of a woman in Wal-Mart. I was trying on some camo and she walked up to me and said " I bet you think your something, buying that so you can hide to kill some poor innocent animal". Tactfulness and diplomacy went out the window.....I told her all the camo in the world not hide her ugly a**ed face. She was speechless but did get real red in the face and stomped off. My wife got a little upset with me and told me I didn't need to be that rude but the old bag started it.

  2. That's great...I don't know what I would have said. I'm not usually that quick with the comeback.
    I've never had any encounters with real "anti-hunters" unless you count my mother in law. That's mostly because when my son was 5 he told her that Uncle John or daddy could kill the deer that was eating her flowers...a real Bambi...spots and all.
    I do have one of the folks that lives on the fence line of the property we hunt that used to bang pots to scare the deer so we wouldn't kill them. We were nice and nonconfrontational with him. Now we hunt in his back yard with his permission. After a few years he was tired of the deer eating his garden.
  3. Plenty of occurrences here..... more times than not I let it go in one ear and out the other. I did actually have a deer run across the road and into my CRP field, the driver actually stopped and blew her horn for atleast a minute trying to prevent it's almost certain death (as far she was concerned - she could see my hunter orange) Since she was a neighbor to the land I hunt an ensueing conversation was emminent. I politely let her know I appreciated her saving the doe's life, and that she was bordering on hunter harassment. After that she would honk every time she drove by. Since this is my fathers property that I hunt on, it created some hard feelings. We were always polite enough to avoid confrontation. The situation went away when I walked her 2 year old chocalate lab back to her house and informed her of his whereabouts (right in front of my treestand)....... I'm not one to kill dogs, because of my love for them. I just told her he was causing a problem, not being rude and showing a little respect for her animal brought her back to planet earth. Plenty of other stories, but I hate to go on and on.
  4. I know a hunter whos anti-hunting neighbor is very close to being arrested. It's one thing to pretend like you're cutting firewood during deer season to scare off deer....quite another thing to harass and actually steal deer stands from a woods that you don't have permission to trespass in. Some of these anti hunters are very fanatical about their desires. Deer hunting isn't Disney.

    I probably would have told the old bag at Wal Mart that "Yes, I do feel special in my camo out there....." But, telling her it would hide her ugly face was quite adequate as well. Maybe I shouldn't be this way, but if someone gives me rude, I see no reason not to give it right back.
  5. LMAO!!! :cwm27: Yeah, whateva' Dean!!! I think we all know you a little better than that. :cwm27: :cwm27: :cwm27: :cwm27: :cwm27:
  6. There was this one cousin's wife (#3) is an active member of PETA (we get along really well), who i see once a year at Christmas (round #3 on the way). He is now a vegan or whatever in the heck they call themselves. Well last year as we are at the usual post family time at the bar and a couple of my old hunting buddies spot me, come over, and start shooting the chit. Needless to say when 3 drunk hunters get swapping ole' war stories some people get offended. As she scolded and berated me as if i were a 7 year old who just got busted kicking some dork in the twins on the playground something clicked inside me and i went off calling her everything in the book possibly degrating towards a female. Ending with something to the effect of "go eat a piece of pie you leg-lic#$%, treehugging, (no offense tree) dope smoking, hippie.

    Do i regret it? Maybe, maybe not, but i still sleep good at night, and she doesn't want to come this year.

    p.s. i send her pics of all my turkeyz, duckz, and buckz...with no reply
  7. anti hunters

    A lady at work this week as soon as I walked in the door wednesday morning said, "I saw your picture with the deer you killed, that is so mean, and you were smiling in the picture....smiling.. I said yes and I'm still smiling and my freezer is full. I can't wait until I see her eating beef or chicken at work, I am going to walk up to her and say, "That is so mean, someone killed that animal so you could feed your face, at least the deer I hunt have a chance, this animal your eating had absolutely no chance.
    Most anti-hunters are just people who know nothing about the sport and heritage and cant get past thinking that it is just mean... whatever.
  8. I was a guest on a local radio program and I was being asked questions about archery and how it was a "family" sport. The topic soon turned to bowhunting and I was THEN quite emphatically informed that the host of the program was an ANTI-HUNTER..

    The lady inforned me their family did NOT own any firearms, bows, knifes or anything that would KILL a deer. I asked the "lady" how many automobiles they owned and she informed me they have 4 cars in their garage.

    I "politely" informed the host she had 4 weapons in her garage that killed more deer annually than the total bowhunters, firearms and muzzleloader hunters COMBINED. I also asked her if she was going to try to OUTLAW the automobile... I THINK NOT!!!

    After the show concluded, I let the lady know I DID NOT appreciate being SLAMMED and DEGRADED on her "1/2 ASS program" and she tried to apologize since we were off the air.

    A couple weeks later I was invited to be a guest on a different program directed towards outdoor activities and someone called in and said they heard the program I was recently on and that I handled the problem quite professionally. To be truthful, I was afraid I might say something that might be "bleeped out.."

    Being an outdoor columnist for a local newspaper, I get invited to be a speaker at many public functions and I have to realize I CANNOT say EVERYTHING I AM THINKING to every "half-witted, un-educated" person.

    Bud Fields
  9. My advisor in college was a vegetarian and retired hippy. She is an animal lover big time and doesnt like hunting at all. She cant stand to see a bunny squished on the side of the road and once told me a story of seeing cows in a hauler being taken to market and she said they were all moo'ing becuase they could smell the fear in each other...:coco:

    She doesnt own leather or even sit in a leather chair.. She has taken that long walk off the short pier if you know what i mean.

    Needless to say we have had our discussions and she understands why i hunt but she doesnt like it and thinks its mean. Everytime she started i kindly reminded her that there were thousands of dogs in shelters getting youthanized every day, that never had a chance and then nobody eats them when they are killed. At least I eat what i hunt. I told her i dont hunt to kill.... I kill to have hunted and she understands that.

    On another note the school newspaper had a set of editors that were also PETA members. Nobody got along with those women and i had to continuously defend myself everytime they saw me in a camo hat or talking in class with friends about the hunts of the weekends. Man they were impossible and I honestly think they would put an animals life before theirs or their families for that matter. What a bunch of nuts. Oh well what can you do though just gotta keep on keepin on.
  10. That is the exact same place i had a problem. I was buying a few dove decoys and the lady at the check-out told me I shouldn't be killing doves because theyre innocent, and they saved the arc, and some other crap. Sort of ticked me off!