antique guns got any

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  1. [​IMG]
    grandfathers side by side browning 2 hammer and trigger now mine
  2. My grandfathers' Winchester M90 pump action using .22 shorts only, made in 1936.

  3. [​IMG]

    From Top to Bottom:

    16x16+9.3x72 German Drilling. 1890-1910 ish
    16x16 Damascus Belgain Double. 1885-1900
    12ga Tabitere/Zulu Snider-type converted musket. 1850s.

  4. Nice guns guys.
    I have an old Ithaca model 37 featherweight 12 ga. and a Belgium made Browning 16 ga. Auto(older than the Sweet 16 I'm told) Nothing as old as yours.
    Do any of you know anything about an old Belgium made Browning 20 ga. Over/Under, I know its pre 60's because the original owner pasted in 1963. It has some real nice engraving on it and in original cond. (nice)
    A 20 ga. side by side double barrel made by Barker and Sons, have any of you heard of it?
    Also an old Remington 22 pump with an octagon barrel, this gun is my favorite and in very good shape. Do any of you know anything about these?
    These guns have been in a gun cabinet since her husband past (1963) and she asked me if I would like to have them some day, along with a few others.
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  5. interesting guns old irion
    looks like a good collection
  6. Yah. My favorite is the Drilling, and the Zulu is definately only a wall hanger, but it's cool to finally have a gun older than most of the books in my collection... (still have to beat my 1791 though... wouldn't it be cool to have an original musket from the Rev War?)
  7. Ironsights, those are sweat. do you just look at them or do you ever hae the pleasure to shoot or hunt with them?
  8. The drilling is the only one safe to shoot, as it is the only one proofed for smokeless.

    It shoots quite well. However, the rifle cartridge is very hard to find and expensive, and reloading suff is equally hard to find.

    The cartridge was desined for BP, essentially 50 or so gr bp, & a 196gr flat nose @ about 1200-1400fps, so its spec'ed loading performs almost identically to a modern high pressure .357 pistol cartridge.
  9. did your grandfather give you those deer heads too?? :) nice weapons