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Antler Growth Question....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Howdy to all antler worshipping, big buck be wantin' whitetail deer huntin' fanatics out there.

    I watched several bucks the other night and I'm wonderin' exactly how much antler growth can we still expect from here to the point in August where they begin to harden up and die??

    While not all bucks are on the same exact schedule, most of them have at the very least made the turn where the G tines are shootin' up, and the main beams are continuing their progression to the tip. Some appear to be nearly completely developed, while still others aren't that far ahead.

    I've read from Dr. Kroll that the 4th of July is the point where around 60% of the growth has been accomplished on many bucks. How much more tine length are we lookin' to see?

    We all know that antlers grow from 1/2 to 1" per day if they're taking in enough nutrition.....How much more is left?
  2. I don't really know, we don't grow them big in my county.:chillin: Just dinky spikes and forkies here.:biggrin:

    In all seriousness, I wish I knew. I always find it funny that different bucks of the same age class on the same farm develop at such different rates. Yet, my trail camera photos prove it every year.:dizzy:

  3. I checked my trail cam pics from last Aug 1st antler growth was pretty much 100% complete. Had first hard antler (velvet shed) picture the first week of September.
  4. With a name like Main Beam, I'd say this guy knows whereof he speaks...LOL.

    Yep, MB, There is a fellow who has some deer in a pen between Garrett here and Ft. Wayne. A couple years ago I started going out there to check those beaties out around the first week of Sept. It's interesting to know that the summer coats start shedding about the same time that velvet is shed from antlers.

    Some of the bucks are in "grey" coat, some are still shedding the red summer coat, some are half and half, and some haven't even started yet. Interestingly, some of the antlers are nearly completely shed, some are just starting and peeling, and some still have full velvet at this time. Pretty neat stuff.

    This is actually when the Pre-Rut really starts. And, of course, it's all regulated by photoperiodism, and the subsequent hormonal changes seen in deer. I love it.
  5. driving home 2 days ago i saw two bucks that appeared to have fully developed racks, one a big 8 and the other a big 10. they already had long, tall tines and long sweeping main beams. then while driving around eagle creek park last weekend i seen two smaller bucks with really knobby thick antlers that looked like they had quite a bit growing to do. guess it just depends on the deer.
  6. Went to one of my hunting spots last nite. Saw 3 bucks, one very nice not exact on pts., but the other 2 were in their first set of horns. All 3 were in full velvet. If the big one grows any more he'll be phenominal. I counted 8 pts. on his upside, the other half of his rack grows down and has a drop tine to boot. Keep growin'..... I'm really getting antsy.
  7. It's all relative to the food plots they visit. Some food plots have growth hormones and other unsafe ingredients while others do not. :hide:
  8. And by "growth hormones" you mean fertilizer Randy? Um, would this be the same fertilizer used by the farmers for the soybean and corn fields?:banghead3
  9. Most of the bucks usually look to be done growing around August. 1 over the years on cams where I hunt.
  10. I would be hesitant to say "completed" antler growth by August 1st......but I would say you have a good idea on what it'll look like. From what I've seen in pens and in the wild with 1,000's of pics in my closets.........I draw the line at August 15th for "completed" antler growth.

    Once those tips turn from a dark/blackish a light brown color........they are done. If you have a question on what to compare it too on the deer you are looking at...........once the tips of the tines match the color of the tips of the brow tines (which they finish growing first)......he's done.
  12. That is a dead deer walking ... only thing missing is an arrow through his side.

    He'll be a dandy.:coolgleam
  15. Nice buck... I can only hope there are deer that nice in my neck of the woods...