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Antler point restrictions.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bob DuCharme, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. What do all of you think about APRs?

    In indiana has there been any talk of aprs?

    Do most guys self impose aprs upon them selves?

    Is there currently any counties in Indiana that have aprs?
  2. I self impose apr's on myself. but I look more at maturity. If there was an apr that the buck must have 4 points on one side(similiar to other states), I could have easily tagged my buck this year. I seen a bunch of small basket eight pointers this year. I let them all walk since they were not mature. I believe the OBR is a much better law, even though the two could work together.

  3. Not really a supporter of them. I shoot deer based on age and antlers. The problem with APR, is that there are a lot of young 1-2 year old deer out there that would qualify as a shooter, but those are the bucks with the best potential, and you should let them walk, if you want big mature bucks on your property!

    Harvesting deer based on maturity is the way to go in my opinion!

  4. I currently hunt in an area with Mandatory AR's (in Michigan) and I am not a supporter of them. I am all for QDM and OBR but I think Ar's should be voluntary and self imposed. The issue is hugely divisive among the hunting community and as far as I'm concerned, the conflict created by mandating which deer can or cannot be shot, does more harm to the hunting community than it does good.
  5. I wont take anything below a 6 point,but want no laws saying I have to.Just a point restriction I think would do little without 'size' of a rack included,as you could still take the littlest 6 point that'll fit in your backpack.Unless you have time to see with binoculars it would be hard and stressful to figure a buck out,most opportunities to take a buck Ive had was seconds and to have field glasses in hand and fumble trying to put them down and grab your gun and cock it would spoil it all unless your 30 feet up.
  6. WThunter & InBuckhunter have the right idea.
  7. Antler point restrictions aren't the answer to the woes of Michigan, and or Indiana. Shortening the firearms season and/or holding it post rut are the real answer. If we had Iowa's season structure noone would even care about antler point restrictions because there'd be enough mature bucks around that it would be a mute point. Most Iowans that I know of don't shoot anything under 150" B&C. Kinda makes antler point restriction seem silly, don't it?
  8. Well, since an APR would make it illegal to shoot a 2y/o spike (i.e. one with "bad" genes) I think they are pretty silly...
  9. i agree with dean weimer shorten the gun and back it off another week and while your at it shorten the muzzleload season, maybe start it in janurary for 1 week let the archery at least go till the end of janurary one more thing besides the money why do you think you have to have separate tags for each deer season? i think if you do that to the gun seasons you will have some deer that will compare to the other midwest states....agree??

  10. A 2.5 year old spike is more of a rarity than a Boone and Crockett scoring non-typical........

    In areas with a proper buck:doe ratio and good nutrition and herd numbers that are in tune with habitat, food supply, etc. a 2.5 year old spike is all but non existant. Most bucks with "bad genes" ( in quotes for a reason.....) need only proper nutrition and age to maximize they're genetic potential. In fact Dr. James Kroll and Dr. Ben Koerth's research have proven once and for all that spikes aren't inferior animals...they merely need to live long enough.

    If there ever was a 2.5 year old spike in a herd this is an indicator that that particular buck had poor available nutrition, and came from an overpopulated herd.
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  11. I'm with deano,shorten the gun season ! And for the 2 weeks of that part of the gun season ,shut the deer season down.Let the upland game bird hunters or small game hunters have a chance at not competing with the deer hunters for places to hunt. Kinda gets crowded and aggrevating!? IMO and its probally not worth a cent!
  12. i would hate to lose 2 weeks of bow
  13. Sorry to say I am with Dean on this one.
  14. I agree. Those additional two weeks of prime time bow only would be awesome. Then a 9 day late shotgun season sounds like a great idea.