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Antler Size Restrictions

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by M4Madness, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. What are you guys' opinions on antler size restrictions to grow bigger bucks? When the DNR first mentioned the one-buck rule, I attended a meeting in Seymour and mentioned that it might be a good idea to go with an antler size restriction like some other states (Pennsylvania, etc.) use, but the notion was shot down. I figure 4 points on one side would be a good restriction.

    Granted, the first year or two the buck harvest will be down drastically due to the 1 1/2 year old bucks being spared, but I figure after that the harvest would increase back to current levels.

    Is my logic sound or flawed?
  2. "4 points on one side" would only protect some yearling bucks.

    Studies have ben done and point restrictions will actually have an adverse effect.

    We would basically be high grading our herd. The better potential yearlings (4 to a side or better} would be dying and scrubs would walk.

    BTW - I've seen some hellascious 6 pointers in my days,.

  3. I don't have a problem with the one buck rule. If I can kill a couple of adult deer a year for the freezer I'm a happy guy. I don't have a problem with guys wanting to hold out for a big buck either. But I'd like to have the choice to kill a little buck if I want.
  4. I prefer to not have a "point" system to hunt by. I believe with a OBR the results will be much more beneficial for both the herd and the hunter. I think utilizing a "point" system would lead to deer kills that would not qualify for the "point" system in place and would require more policing and additional CO intervention on an already stressed resource.
  5. Interesting points, guys. :)

    High grading was something that I'd heard of previously, but hadn't really considered. I read a little more about it today here:

    and it appears that bucks develop less points as a direct result of the selective harvesting.

    I can also see where someone might mistakenly harvest a buck only to find that it did not meet the 4-point requirement upon closer inspection.

    Any more detrimental aspects to it?
  6. Point restrictions

    Point restrictions work well in areas that 1 1/2 year old bucks rarely acieve more than a branched antler. Indiana 1 1/2 year old bucks averga 5 points on their first set of antlers and MANY are 8 points or more.

    The better solution is to go to antler width, equal or past the ears. In other words a minimum of a 15" inside spread. Georgia has done this a select areas for years and have found very few violations. Kentucky also is using this criteria on their draw hunts.

    New York is now considering OBR and antler restrictions for zone 7, whitetail management is evolving right before our eyes. It will only get better.
  7. I like the one buck rule. You're always going to have someone, who doesn't have a good front or back view, and will kill an illegal deer. Sizing is for professional hunters. I don't think the average hunter will be able to discern one from the other. Especially when you have youthful hunters in the woods. Does everyone hunt with binoculars? I do, but does everyone? I don't think so. The buck I shot this last year had antlers outside of his ears. His inside spread was 14 1/2 inches. He was a nine pointer. Nice buck, but I could not make out the extra 1/2 inch at eighty yards.
  8. Here is my view on the antler size. You can put a size or width law in but whats going to happen, if someone shoots one by mistake of not they will not turn it in and if they do they is no one at the checkin stations that our around my area that even go out and look at the deer. By the way I was at two of those checkends and some of the hunters didn't even bring the deer just the paper tag. So how is the rule of size going to work?
  9. I'm not a trophy hunter, I'm just a hunter who also likes to hunt deer in addition to the other types of hunting I enjoy. I buy the license, buy the tags, hunt according to the regulations set by the state of Indiana. The last thing I want is to be told what deer I'm allowed to shoot! I think restrictions could lower the amount of tags sold. If someone thinks, I seldom see bucks that size in my area, why pay for the tag?
    Enjoy the hunt, enjoy the venison God's provided us. If an individual is after racks only, that's the choice they make, leave the rest of us alone please.
  10. Call me crazy, but when I see a deer I dont look at the rack, I judge the width of his badonkadonk, backstraps taste a whole lot better horns.

    I dont think we need "antler restrictions"

    Can someone pass the A-1
  11. bring it on

    Anything to keep 1.5yr.-2.5yr. old bucks from being blasted (firearms). Minimum points or spread (works in Ky QDM areas) on top of OBR. Give the kids a break on the rule. Give people hunting with archery a break on the rule. I'm all for small gov't and deer being there for us, but the situation has gotten out of hand and needs to be improved in any manner possible. A good thing to start with would be trial QDM areas like what has been done in Kentucky.

  12. I've always thought that the IDNR should take one of the public areas and see what they can produce there using a minimum spread, etc. to show what this could do to a larger area (i.e., statewide). But, what good is this "thinking" when the DNR isn't in favor of it anyway. Even if they did do this at one of the FWAs, they'd find a way to say that it wasn't working. It starts at the top fellas. Until we get pro-mature buck producing (and overall herd management) people at the top, it is all for nothing. Make no mistakes about it, the IDNR wants to end the obr because of its "supposed" cause of the lack of licenses being sold, and a "reported" loss of bowhunters (which I think we all know is a bunch of BS). Also, they are using the "leasing dilemma" as another excuse to do away with OBR, and any "trophy" type management. Leasing has happened here long before the current situation.

    Question of the day: Why is it that practically every midwestern state surrounding us is pro-mature buck management, but Indiana isn't. Are Illinois, Iowa, OHio, Kentucky, Kansas, Wisconsin's deer herds in a shambles because of it? NO!!!! Why can't we do it here in Indiana????
  13. Because Indiana most always lags behind on anything progressive in anything, not just on this issue. There are way too many "handwringers" living in Indiana and the politicians follow suit...when it benefits them.
  14. I just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely no problem with anyone shooting the deer of their choice. I've never made fun (even privately) of anyone's deer. I feel that they are all trophies in someone's eyes, and am truly happy whenever I see someone with a huge smile on their face checking in a deer.

    As far as I know, the DNR's reasoning for the one-buck rule is to grow bigger bucks. I just wanted to examine another facet of it by discussing antler restrictions.
  15. Here is something that gets under my skin....

    Sorry but im gonna vent on this one.

    Button Bucks being considered antlerless. That just really chaps my as#. If you shoot a button you should be held responsible. That is a 1/2 year old buck that just got smoked because he was more than likely curious and careless. We could possibly go to two bucks if the gun season was moved back and shortened and buttons were considered bucks. Bottom line thats what they are right, bucks. So why give people a break. If you shoot a button buck you should have been paying attention a little more, they arent that hard to tell apart from a doe. If they are too far away to tell the difference then you probably shouldnt be shooting at them. How many of the antlerless harvest is comprised of button bucks? Ill be willing to bet purdue basketball season tickets its a bunch. (I figure that is a fair bet cause even if i lose nobody would want them) But anywho it has to be a ton of buttons that are stacked into the antlerless harvest. I think thats one rule that needs to be changed big time. Under the OBR it wont happen because you would have too many pissed off careless people complaining cause now they cant hunt bucks for the rest of the year, but still they just killed one. Oh well. Sorry for ranting.
    Anybody else on the same train im on here.
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