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any catfisherman?

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hello I was wondering if there are any other catfishermen on this forum.I fish for these big fish and enjoy a good feed of them also.:yikes:
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fish for cats mainly in lakes. Know the how too's but not the can do's.

I like to tangle with the fine whiskered friends from time to time. I am going to try and post a picture of the monster 30# channel I caught out of a farm pond last May. Check it out if I can figure it out.


Die-hard flathead angler. Mostly i fish in the White river for these big fish with live bait. Sometimes i do go to a few paylakes. I gotta say its great to reel in the big ones, i mostly just catch, take a photo and release, but it is alot of fun.
I do fish for other fish, sometimes they end up as the bait. Nothing much as fun as using a two lb. yellow-belly as bait, just be prepared when you get hit ! :fish:
could prob. look it up but where is the white river in indiana? Just curious as I am always interested in a new catfishing hole. Also catch and release here.

White River

The White river is one of the major rivers that run through Indiana. It starts in the east central area of Indiana and runs through the cities of Muncie, Anderson, and runs through the other cities of Indianapolis and southward towards Williams Dam near Bedford. I'm thinking it goes pretty much south and empties into the Ohio river.

A place that you might be interested in fishing, espically if you want to fish for trophy catfish, and i'm talking blues and flathead, is a pay lake in Henryville named Coomers Six Lakes. There is one lake in this place thats got only from 10 to 100 lb. fish in it. Truely a place to catch maybe the bigg'est cat you'll ever catch. It is catch and release only, so when you catch a good one, most anglers take it to be weighted and some photos before releasing it.
Best i could do last year was the 37 lber., but i've seen alot of other bigger fish caught here.
thanks for the info. on the river. Not too interested in paylakes though. Will have to drive to the muncie area sometime soon and check things out.

When I was a kid (at least 40 years ago :rolleyes: ) We used to run trot lines on the White River near Spencer. It was always a great time. You never knew what you were going to catch. My grandpa was a commercial fisherman in those waters and on the Wabash.

Here's an old picture- probably from the late 40's. He caught many larger but mostly by tickling (illegal so he never advertised he caught them)
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Thats one huge cat thanks for posting that picture:yikes:
nice cat!
I am heading wednesday to prairie creek res. then to Anderson to check out the white river there around mounds state park. any other areas that you might suggest? Not that I want your secret spots cuz they are really to far for me to travle most times. I am gimped up after knee surg. and have nothing better to do. thanks.

Sorry I have never fished in that area. Check out the bait stores near there - they probably could give you some good info.
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