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Any Clear Lake Word?

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Lulu Patches, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Work schedule hasn't allowed me to venture over to Clear this spring. Taking 4 days next weekend. Anyone have a word on the catchin' & general area. Are the gills on their beds...? Will have family along, so catching something is more the word than any specific fish. Thanks for any input ahead of time.
  2. Was out on clear yesturday and today. do you have to go to clear, the algea bloom is on and the whole lake is coated in green slime. did get into some gills and perch in the bay by the marina, if you can find the whole that is on that flat just north of the marina that is where they were holding. theree are beds around there but they are off of them. caught a few smallmouth and rock bass around the island. i know from past experince there are ussally gills bedding north of the beach but we didn't try it. bass school up by the yacht club and in the corner north of the beach close to the gill beds. like i said thou there is so much slime it is hard to fish the bottom, but if you anchor and use floats you can get some good fish. i hope this helps you. please post after you go up and let us know how you did. good luck.