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Any Coyote or Fox hunters?

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Does anyone call Coyote or Fox.If so how are you doing with it.I have run into a slow spell here the last few weeks and haven't done to well.Hopefully with the breeding season near it should get better.
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I have never done this but am thinking hard of giving it a try. I have a couple places where I deer hunt that I know have yotes in it. How effective are the calls? When is the best time of the day to hunt them??
Hi brad24.There are basically two types of predator calls,hand calls and electronic callers.Both types of calls are effective.If you have no calling experience it would be much easier to buy and use an electronic caller but they are much more exspensive than hand manual calls.Regardless of which type calls you choose it is important to know what sounds to use and when to use them.I prefer useing hand calls that imitate Coyote howls(if Coyote is the Quarry)and distressed animal sounds such as those made by a Cottontail rabbit,Fawn,Coyote pups or woodpecker.I do not Coyote howl if I am trying to call Fox because I believe it scares them.As far as the best time of the day to call them,you can call them anytime of the day or night.Early and late daylight periods seem to be better than the middle of the day but they will also respond during the middle of the day if they are hungry or defending there territory.I have killed more Coyote and Fox during the night over the years than in the daylight.One thing for sure the Coyotes and Foxes left at this time of the year can be very hard to call and kill and every bit as hard to hunt as a trophy Buck.I am no expert but I have called them for many years and I still feel lucky every time I get one.
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Thanks for the info. I too am just getting started into coyote hunting. I have purchased an electronic call and plan on trying that this year but the more I read about it the more I think I am going to get some hand calls too. Just for the simple fact that most everyone believes that hand calls are more versital and the yotes seem to get used to the electronic ones because they sound so much alike. You can only get a certain sound out of an electronic but many different sounds/pitch out of a hand call.

What type of gun do you use for coyote? I am leaning towards purchasing a .223 but the new .204 savage has also gotten my attention.
Hi Bluedevil,I use two different Guns for calling and hunting Coyote.If I am hunting during the daylight and in fairly open cover, I pack a New England Firearms Handi Rifle in .223 caliber loaded with Winchester Varmit 45 gr. JHP's.If I hunt heavier cover such as thickets,thick woods,or brier patches I sometimes carry A Mossburg 835 ulti-mag in 12ga.loaded with #4 buckshot.I also use the scattergun exclusively at night.I have been reading about the .204 Savage but have not been around one.Sounds like it would be a good choice for Coyote.If you get one let us know what you think of it.Good luck with your Yote chasing.
What part of the state are you working?

North south, south west.... Bedford?

I heard them in my area last night. They will work the area until they get all the easy rabbits and move on. Usually about 3 or 4 days.

When I start seeing rabbits again they will be back soon.
Hi Jack,I live and hunt near the city of Clinton in West Central Indiana.I haven't heard any Coyotes since late Summer/early Fall but I am sure there are still some out there.I wish I could tell you how my area is a Coyote Mecca but in all reality it just isn't.I have only killed one since I started hunting them in early December.I haven't kept track but I would guess that I have made 25 to 30 Coyote stands/sets so far.I think the Deer Seasons(Coyotes are also being shot) and the Coyote Trapper and Hunters are affectively keeping there population trimmed in my area.That is a good thing for the Game Bird and Game Animal populations.I still enjoy hunting them though and it is a great cure for late winter cabin fever.
My intro/intro to predator hunting...

First, HELLO to everyone! I am new here, but thought I could kill two birds with one stone and both introduce myself, AND jump right in on this thread! I live in Southern Indiana in Floyd County, near the Clark-Floyd line. I am a Hunter's Education Instructor, and hope to be a International Bowhunter's Education Program Instructor in the very near future. I have three boys ages 16, 14, and 11 all of whom love to shoot, and are slowly getting more & more into hunting. I am a 'casual' fisherman, and an AVID (my wife says RABID!) hunter! While I love to hunt anything & everything, time & energy is generally reserved for dove, deer, turkey and predator hunting…which brings me to the subject at hand!!!

I concur with MrBuckfly on the calls. If you are first getting started, I too would recommend the less expensive mouth calls. In my experience, the best ones are the variable type that with a little practice can imitate everything from a cottontail in distress, to a woodpecker, simply by changing the amount of force you use to bite down and how hard you blow. Another call I would HIGHLY recommend is a squeaker. These are great for close-in calling and calling in dense areas where you might BE close-in calling, but just not know it! Another thing that I learned by accident (and part of the reason I started coyote hunting in the first place, but a long story for another thread!), is yotes will also respond to turkey calls, especially the lone/lost hen variety! If you decide that you LIKE predator hunting, it is simple and inexpensive (not to mention satisfying!) to simply build your own electronic caller from components readily available at Radio Shack for about $30-$40!!! I built one a few years back, but could probably come up with a parts list and some basic instructions should anyone be interested!

As for the types of calls themselves, I have found a woodpecker in distress to be probably THE most effective call for coyote, AND red/grey fox! Grey fox pup in distress would probably be next in line as they are food for coyotes and red's, while other greys are looking to defend this wayward pup. Beyond these, would be the rabbit in distress and mouse squeaks which are probably the mainstay of a predators diet.

As far as firearms, anything in the 22 caliber centerfire family is a good choice! Have read quite a bit about the new .204 and it looks impressive (supposedly, actually outperforms the .220 Swift which is QUITE a feat!), but personally I like 'tried and true' simply because of the variety and/or availability of ammunition. You can't go wrong with a .223, and ammo is readily available and CHEAP! If you ask 10 die hard predator hunters however, I would be willing to wager that at least 8 (maybe 9!) would tell you a 22-250 which is basically a .223 on steroids!!! Personally, I have a Howa 1500 in 22-250 which is usually my choice, however depending upon the situation, I also have an old Savage .222REM/20gauge which works extremely well in it's own right. With the .222REM, I have acceptable long range accuracy and then I have the scattergun for close-up and personal shots should the need arise…which it often does!

Anyhoo, WOW…sorry to be SO long winded, but I LOVE predator hunting!!!:yikes: Not only is it GREAT fun and at a time when there isn't much else going on OR other hunters out in the woods, it ALSO is one of THE BEST things you can do for hunting as a whole! Coyote can decimate the small game population in short order, including: rabbit, quail, turkey, etc.! Hope this helps some, and if I can answer any other questions please don't hesitate to ask…and I promise not to make it so danged long!!!:bonk:
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Hi HunterEd and welcome to the site.Very nice post.
MrBuckfly said:
Hi HunterEd and welcome to the site.Very nice post.
:yeahthat: :yeahthat:

HunterEd...First off let me say :Welcome: to the site.

Do you feel that the woodpecker in distress call is so effective on coyotes just in your general area or would it be as effective as a whole for coyotes? The reasone I ask is because I live in central Michigan and have'nt heard to many people talking about using that call. From what I have read here in MI is that the rabbit in distress call seems to be most popular but I dont see why the woodpecker call would'nt work, since we do have them here. Just curious about your opinion.

woodpecker calls...

MrBuckfly & bluedevil...many thanks for the warm welcome!

As to your question, yes absolutely I think it would be equally as effective in Michigan! One of the reasons that I like it so much is that it works equally as well on foxes as it does coyotes. The woodpecker you are actually imitating are the smaller woodpeckers which go up & down the side of trees. I am sure if you hunt from the ground much you have seen these little buggers, sometimes chasing each other round the tree like squirrels! Anyway, I feel certain that their habit of being low on the side of trees makes them easy prey for wile e. coyote or a sly 'ol fox sneaking around the other side!

Of course if you're hunting the fields, they're likely to know that something is up if they hear a woodpecker out in the middle!:16suspect :biggrin:
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Hey its that time to start early and getting things around to hunt coyotes. Has anyone got a secert caller they would like to tell everyone about? Or just tell us the type of caller you use?
I Hunt Coyotes Every Year After Deer Season. I Do Not Hunt Them After About March , As With The Warm Weather The Fur Thins Out And Is Not As Pretty, And With The Leaf-out, They Get Harder To See Coming In.

I Use An Ar-15 In .223 And An Extreme Dimension Wireless Remote Caller. I`ve Used The Wired Model, But Found The Wireless To Be Much More Advantageous. I`ve Found Predator Hunting To Be Very Challenging And Enjoyable, It`s Not Easy And Is Very Rewarding When Your Plan Comes Together. Plus It Helps Curb The End Of Deer Season Depression, As I Still Get To Get Out And Hunt January Thru March.
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